My husband and I both went to school and met in Columbia, but moved to Chicago shortly after graduation. We wanted to get married back in Columbia where it all began. Shortly after booking our venue I realized I was going to need some help, and that’s when we found Anne. Being out of town, I wasn’t always able to be the most involved in everything but Anne took the reins and really made sure that everything was as stress free as possible. She has so many connections in town and is well respected by everyone, which was so great when it came to finding the perfect vendors for our wedding. Whether it was sending me pictures of napkin colors, addressing our invitations, or setting up meetings for the few times I was in town to help plan, Anne always did a great job at keeping me well informed every step of the way. Obviously she was a tremendous help throughout the planning process, but her and her team also did an outstanding job on the day of the wedding. Not once, did I ever have to think about any of the setup or timing on that day. My husband and I were able to relax and enjoy our special exactly as we should, not worrying about anything going on behind the scenes. We have absolutely no regrets booking Anne as our wedding planner and highly recommend her and her team to anyone in the area! We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks Anne!
— Kim & Nate, Married Fall 2018

We hired Anne to plan our daughter’s wedding which was May 2018. We all live out of town and our daughter was finishing her residency and only able to be in Columbia a couple of times during the planning period. Ann was invaluable! She knew who to call to make everything come together beautifully. She arranged a super fun welcome party for all of our guests at a local brewery. She also helped with a champagne brunch the day of the wedding, the hair, makeup, church, photos, and seamless transportation from the church to Blue Bell Farm, where we had a fabulous reception. She listened to what things were important to us and made them happen. I would hire her again in a minute. She was worth the expense!
— Julie, Mother of the Bride

We wanted to take this moment to thank you and your staff for creating a flawless wedding day for Emily and Brent. You and your staff were polite and respectful to any of our needs for the entire time of the event. Thank you again!
— Dennis and Karen Cain, Bride's Parents

Annabelle Events is the best wedding planner in town. Anne’s connections in Columbia and her dedication and passion toward her clients made our wedding celebration perfect. Her team handled everything leading up to and on the day of — making it a smooth and stress-free day. Thank you, Anne and team, for everything you did to help make our day the best day ever!!
— Annie & Drew, Married Summer 2017
Anne is the best! Professional and very cool when things get hectic. Everything went according to plan and her team was perfect. I’d recommend Annie to anyone - just hire her. I promise it will work out!
— Barry, Father of the Bride

My husband and I hired Anne with Annabelle Events to help us get through one of the Biggest Day’s of our Lives...and it was Totally Worth It! She and her team came in the day of our wedding and made sure Everything ran smoothly and was Absolutely Perfect. Prior to the wedding, Anne made time to meet 4 different times within 3 months including an In Depth Site Visit. I would recommend Annabelle Events to anyone who is needing a little guidance when planning an event!
— Katie & Nate, Married Spring 2017

jill and josh.jpg
Anne was an absolute dream to work with! She was on top of everything and so sweet! Leading up to the wedding, she was very flexible with meeting times and always willing to stay a little late. She walked us through the invitation design process and they turned out perfectly! She was a wonderful collaborator! On the day of the wedding, Anne and her staff were extremely professional and helpful. They easily maneuvered an 18 person wedding party. Everything ran so smoothly and I was worry free! I had total faith in Anne and she delivered! It was the most perfect wedding and I’m so thankful for all her hard work.
— Jill & Josh, Married Summer 2016
Anne was AMAZING!!! She was always available and responded quickly when we had a question. Anne has connections and has done business with many rental businesses and was able to take care of that for us. She has done this for awhile now and had numerous suggestions and pictures that helped us make those important decisions. Since she is selling invitations now, we were able to have all printed materials for wedding done through her. Her team was extremely efficient setting up and day of wedding keeping us on schedule. I did not wear a watch and just wanted to enjoy myself...I did! Thank you Anne Churchill of Annabelle Events!
— Grace, Mother of the Bride

Joseph & Doug.jpg
We had the privilege of working with Anne as our event coordinator for our April wedding. She came highly recommended by our venue coordinator. We met with Anne in January to discuss our ideas. She met us at the venue and listened to our ideas and then made great suggestions of how to set up the actual ceremony, reception and all in between. She then helped us pick out linens, chair covers and center pieces. She also helped design our wedding invitations. Then the actual day of the event she was there and coordinated everything from receiving the cake and flowers to setting up the reception and music. Anne made the whole process as stress free as it could be - we could not have done it without her. Anne was amazing and we would recommend her to anyone.
— Joe & Doug, Married Spring 2016

Anne was fabulous. We didn’t have any worries on our wedding day, thanks to her and her staff! There were several last-minute things she took care of without blinking, and her crew did an amazing job coordinating vendors, people, and decorating. If we had to do it all over again, she’d be one of our first calls. We didn’t think we needed or wanted a wedding planner at first, but we are very happy we decided to do it, and picked AnnaBelle Events! Make your life easier (and everyone else’s too) - call them!
— Andrew & Casi, Married Winter 2015

My husband and I totally recommend Anne to any couple in search of a wedding planner. She was extremely helpful and did an amazing job the day of our wedding. We really appreciated her patience, being that my husband and I needed her services for two years due to a sudden move abroad that delayed our wedding date. She certainly makes sure she gets the job done and she also makes you feel very comfortable and full of joy when she is around.
— Laurence & Feven, Married Summer 2015

Anne did a fabulous job making our day perfect! She had wonderful knowledge of and relationships with vendors in the area, which made the coordination process beforehand a breeze. On the day of, I (the bride) did NOTHING and was able to relax and simply enjoy the day; her & her team took care of everything to setup, coordinate vendors, and make payments on our behalf as needed. Our day would not have gone off as successful as it did without her, and I can not imagine planning and doing everything for the wedding without her help... it simply wouldn’t have happened! Anne makes personal relationships with her clients to understand their tastes, working styles, and needs, and caters her service accordingly. Thank you thank you thank you, Anne & AnnaBelle Events staff! We truly appreciate your help!
— Corey & Lori, Married Summer 2015

Beginning with our first meeting with Anne at AnnaBelle Events, we immediately knew we had made the right choice in selecting AnnaBelle Events to plan our wedding. We were given multiple package options for the available services and were extremely pleased with the results. Anne and her staff were truly incredible throughout every step of the planning process. Once the planning aspect was finalized, AnnaBelle Events executed everything to perfection. The entire process, from start to finish, was seamless and reduced our stress levels exponentially. The staff was prompt and courteous and made sure that we had everything we needed to enjoy the most important day of our lives. The value of the services we received goes far beyond the money spent. The amount of stress taken off of our shoulders, especially the week/day of the wedding was priceless. We highly recommend Anne and her staff at AnnaBelle Events to anyone who may be planning a special event and will absolutely use them again for any future events that we may encounter.
— Elyse & Wes, Married Fall 2014

Anne is worth her weight in gold! She caught the vision my daughter had of her wedding. Together they made a plan and implemented it with minimal stress on the parents. Anne is very knowledgeable. She advised my daughter on many aspects of the wedding and reception and helped her to have a nearly perfect day. Anne was receptive to my (mother of the bride) questions. She responded quickly and to my satisfaction at all times. She was extremely patient and gracious to all parties involved. I respect her wisdom and expertise. The day of the wedding her staff was very responsive and very pleasant. They handled small crises like the bride’s detached false eye lash and a surplus of guests with a a can-do attitude, (One of the assistants was able to re-attach the eye lash after another ran to the drug store to buy adhesive) Anne took care of a seating dilemma when it became apparent some extra guests decided to attend after all. Bride and groom and families enjoyed the wedding and reception immensely. All the hard work was done by trustworthy vendors and Anne and her team. Anne did everything she promised to do and more. Our confidence in her was well-placed. I highly recommend AnnaBelle Events for a wedding or any event.
— John & Lori, Married Fall 2014

Anne was such a great help for wedding planning and day of coordination and set up. She started off by wanting to know how involved we wanted her to be, and as someone with a very tight schedule and few creative genes, we definitely needed all the help we could get! Anne helped us through step by step, she knows so many great vendors and knew which ones would fit our needs. She’s very flexible in setting up meeting times and so organized that she always knew what needed to be done next and always remembered all the details we discussed.
The day of, Anne and her crew set up our entire reception and church decor, allowing our families to enjoy the day’s festivities. They were also very helpful in timing of both ceremony and reception events. She was fantastic about making sure we always had what we needed (grabbing some bridesmaids to help me in the bathroom, water during a sunny photo shoot, etc), but never bothered us with any “behind the scenes” issues that would just cause anxiety. Our day was perfect and I was able to just focus on my groom and the beauty of having so many friends and family together to celebrate. Thank you Anne for all of your help- I’m sure you saved me more than a few grey hairs!!
— Kendall & Jason, Married Spring 2014

Anne and her team made our wedding day as painless as possible. We had nearly every opportunity for stress and mayhem and she managed to make the day a day I describe as perfect. Leading up to the week of our event, Anne checked in regularly and always responded to emails and calls in a very timely manner. The week of she kept in contact with us regarding any changes and always anticipated any questions we might have. the most notable part about Anne and her team was the night of the rehearsal dinner and day of. We had been anticipating rain and the night before she wanted us to come up with a back up plan so that we weren’t rushing around the day of trying to figure it out. She was very helpful in trying to help us keep our ceremony as personal as possible. We were having an outdoor ceremony and tented reception. The day of it began raining from 8am - 2pm non stop with quite some force. Around 1pm we decided we would switch gears to a very intimate and cozy indoor ceremony in my parents home. 3pm came around and me, still hoping for my dream wedding on the small island on our pond questioned the possibility of returning to the outdoor ceremony for the 4:30 start time. Anne didn’t blink an eye and said if thats what you want we can do it. Before you know it I was getting married just as I had imagined and none of the guests knew better.

I can’t say enough regarding how impressed I was with Anne’s professionalism, organization, and understanding to make our day personal to us. She always had suggestions when needed and was great at problem solving. She had everything under control and never let me feel the stress of the day. I highly recommend her and her team for any event you are planning, you definitely won’t be disappointed... worth every penny without a doubt!
— Christy & Chris, Married Fall 2013

Anne is an absolute pleasure to work with. It was my great luck as well as delight to find her after losing my original planner. She is everything I could have asked for: organized, creative, detail-oriented and efficient. A consummate professional who is also quite charming and accommodating, She held my hand when I needed it and gave me a gentle nudge when I got stuck. Her genuine care and experience made all the difference in my daughter’s wedding. It was a magical, memorable day for not only the bride and groom but for all who attended.
— Renee, Mother of the Bride | Married Fall 2013

Above and beyond expectations. My wife had to sell me at first, but after we agreed and Anne really got involved I saw there was no way our wedding would have been as perfect as it was without her and her team. Very professional on every aspect. She was able to quickly pick up on our style and view of the wedding, giving and taking with whatever task we needed help on. Again, there is absolutely now way we would have been able to pull it off without Anne. She also made sure it didn’t rain, which was kind of scary...
— Karl & Kris, Married Summer 2013

Anne was absolutely great! I could not have done it without her. She took my stress level way down and made the wedding planning process enjoyable - (which is how it should be!) She gave me good ideas and always had a quick solution to any problem. It was so nice to have a professional, outside source to consult about everything. Since this was my first wedding I had lots of questions!! Anne is amazing at what she does and I would strongly recommend every bride use her services! You won’t regret it!!
— Amber & Stephon, Married Spring 2013

Anne handled everything which took all the weight off of my shoulders. It was great knowing everything was taken care of leading up to and including the day of our reception. I never had to worry about a thing! She worked with us on our budget and was even able to save us money through finding high quality decoration at very affordable prices. She and her team are top notch!
— Corinn & Steve, Married Fall 2012