"Our style really isn't important, what's important is your style and that we can translate that into your wedding day." - Anne Churchill


When it comes to weddings, there is a never-ending list of things to do before the big day and a variety of ways to get it all done. After planning 80+ Weddings, we have crafted a well-organized planning system that covers both the logistics and design of wedding planning. Planning begins with an initial consultation, from there our clients are greeted with an invitation to our online client portal. This online-based software provides our couples custom designed tools that cover every aspect of planning their big day.  


Through the years we have found more and more of our clients make Mid-Missouri the destination for their wedding! While they live 100s of miles away planning with our team makes the long-distance possible and enjoyable!

We have crafted three packages for couples to choose from - two full service and a day-of wedding management package. When deciding on which of our packages is right for you keep two things in mind: how much time do you truly have to plan your wedding and how much do you want to do it alone vs. having us by your side.


Designed for couples wanting to work with us throughout the entire planning process. You share your vision and dreams, and we will ensure the right decisions are made and every detail is taken care of from start to finish.

Ideally we work together from the moment you are engaged-make us your first call! From there we will plan together through your entire engagement every step of the way.

We have two full service packages, based on the amount of time remaining before your big day.

Highlights of our full service packages:

  • Custom online planning software for all aspects of wedding planning.
  • Budget creation and management
  • Ceremony and reception layouts
  • Overall wedding design
  • Vetted vendor recommendations
  • Rental bookings and management
  • Guest list management
  • Wedding day logistics schedule
  • Wedding rehearsal coordination
  • Wedding day coordination and setup



Best fit for couples that want to do all the planning themselves, but know they need the guidance and expertise to make it everything come together on their wedding day.

We begin working together a few months prior to your wedding.  At that time you bring us up to speed with all your plans and we work through any outstanding items.

The weeks before your wedding we are connecting with your vendors so we work seamlessly together on your big day.

Highlights of our partial planning package:

  • Custom online planning tools
  • Vendor review and confirmation
  • Expertise during meetings
  • Wedding day logistics schedule
  • Wedding rehearsal coordination
  • Wedding day coordination
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