1:1 Wedding Consulting

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You’re Engaged! It's time to plan your wedding!

Let me guess you don't know what to do next? Or you're months into planning and your head is spinning! I get it!  I believe wholeheartedly that wedding planning should not be stressful!

The simplest thing I can offer to you is a 1:1 Consult! Where I will answer all your wedding planning questions and get you in the right direction. We’ll start with what’s done and/or what you’re envisioning. Then move onto answering all your questions, gather vendor recommendations, review design+inspiration, and troubleshoot any obstacles.

Following our consult you’ll receive an invaluable recap email with all the details we discussed, links and inspiration to move forward with in your planning!

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1:1's can be conducted over the phone, video conferencing or in-person at our office.

Consulting starts at $100/hour and we cover all aspects of planning from vendors, budget & design.

Who am I to give you all this? 

A passionate and very seasoned Wedding Planner!  

I truly love what I do and feel so lucky I've been planning events and weddings for over a decade. I've made it my mission to help everyday couples looking to have a great wedding actually enjoy planning it. 

After planning 100s of weddings I'm sharing a decade of experience with you! To make sure you have all the tips and tricks to continue planning your wedding! 

My wedding planning company, AnnaBelle Events was founded 9 years ago in 2010.  Our team is known for coordinating flawless events and designing unique celebrations. We specialize in providing wedding planning both in person to our Missouri couples and online to couples throughout the country. Our experience gives us all the real wedding data and knowledge to ensure your wedding is everything it can be.