Hiring | Internship Program 2019

AnnaBelle Events is now recruiting for our Event Assistant Internship Program.  Be a part of our team that produces top notch weddings and events throughout Mid-Missouri.

Applicants are applying for the 2019 Spring - Fall event calendar (May-November).  The program is for 5-10 sophomore and junior students that are studying Event Planning, Marketing, Public Relations and similar fields.  Resumes are now being accepted.

Applicants have a desire to gain real experience with a great local event company and can commit the time this industry demands to work real events. Working for us is a one-of-a-kind experience, hands on and great way to see the industry that awaits you. It is also hard work, events do not set themselves up, make sure you are willing and able to perform as needed.

Applicant must commit to working two events, at a minimum.  These events will take place between May and November 2019. Historically our event assistants choose to continue working past two events and stay in the program up to graduation.  Our event calendar is planned months in advance, event dates will be provided at the time of your interview.  Additional events will come up and ideally event assistants are flexible enough to work those events as needed.

Working an event means that you are available for that entire day, typically a Saturday.  Many times our days include late evening hours, as we are typically the last to leave our events.  Our policy is that you must commit 100% to each event.  This is the best way for us to accomplish our work, fulfill our client’s needs and give you the opportunity to gain real experience.

Aside from working the day of an event our team meet at the beginning of the event season and may again in the event season.  These meeting are mandatory when you commit to an event.  We are flexible with the time, meetings are typically in the evenings (after classes) whenever necessary.


About AnnaBelle Events | we specialize in event coordination and design; planning corporate events, social occasions and weddings throughout Missouri and parts of the Midwest.  A team of event assistants is led by Owner & Event Planner, Anne Tegerdine, providing each client the staff and labor needed to execute their event flawlessly.  We pride ourselves on each client being overjoyed with their experience not only at their event, but throughout their entire planning process with AnnaBelle Events. 

AnnaBelle Events is also the sister company to Jubilee Planning Studio, a one stop shop for everyone planning events and weddings. Our offices are located within The Hatchery, a co-working space, located at 206 Corporate Lake. This is always our location for meetings and many times a meeting place when carpooling to events.


Interested?  See if you are the right fit for the program…

 Ideal candidate:

·         Has a professional and friendly demeanor

·         Has an easygoing/go with the flow attitude, willingness to learn

·         Excellent problem solving skills and ability to be independent

·         Flair for creativity and design, able to speak up with ideas and suggestions

·         A love and natural want for perfection and attention to detail.  You find yourself paying attention to the small things and always find yourself going the extra mile on projects or events in your life.

·         Has an interest in event planning, as well as in owning your own business, marketing and networking. It’s more than just planning parties.

·         Trustworthy, ability to keep information confidential is a must.  This internship will require you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Internship responsibilities:

·         Event tasks on the day of events; setup, design work, event management, vendor management, greeting guests, social media and event teardown

·         Provide creative input on events and tasks

·         Possibility of assisting in a variety of event planning tasks per event, i.e. RSVP management, client relations, prepping event supplies, arranging deliveries and orders.

·         Assist in upkeep of event rentals/décor, as needed

·         Perform other responsibilities as directed


Please send your resume (with at least two references) and cover letter as PDFs to Anne@AnnaBelleEvents.com

Please make your subject line “2019 Internship Applicant”

Resume Submissions:
Format: PDF, please include references and any portfolio items you desire

To: Anne Tegerdine at Anne@AnnaBelleEvents.com

Deadline: Monday, April 22nd, 2019


Date Revised: April 2019