Industry Consulting

It’s hard to put a box around our Industry Consulting services! Why? Because after 9 years of owning a business and over a decade in the industry you can imagine the insight Anne has on nearly every aspect of events and weddings.

From Anne: “It’s a passion of mine to help other’s launch and grow their event and wedding businesses. Whether it’s a brand new service or vendor, or someone revamping in our fast-paced industry. As a planner I provide a wide scope of knowledge and experience, having a hand in every aspect of our industry on a daily basis with every type of vendor.“

Industry Consulting for you means hiring an Industry Expert! This can be done on an hourly basis or we will put together a plan to work together in achieving your business goals more long-term. We have seen consulting services cover everything from, but not limited to:

  • Market Analysis: pricing, availability, demand, trends, and potential

  • Detailed Competitive Analysis: truly size up the competition and see where you fall

  • Marketing & Promotion Planning: review what you are doing and set a plan and actionable things in motion to grow your business

  • Styled Shoots: a proven avenue to gain exposure, network with fellow vendors and build your portfolio for marketing use

  • Business Basics: putting systems and automation in place to make your business more efficient and appeal to all your potential clients.

Intrigued? Then let’s chat in more email Anne directly at