Hi I'm Anne!  We are in search of experts to join us in the online expansion of AnnaBelle Events.  Specifically we are looking for developers, designers and mentors to be a part of this expansion as we launch an online platform in the wedding industry.

Welcome behind the scenes to the online expansion of AnnaBelle Events.  My goal is for this page to be a point of reference.  Given to select individuals, you included, to learn about myself, AnnaBelle Events and where we are going with our online platform. We are in search of other experts to join this project, providing expertise in software/app development, business growth and mentorship.

At any point reach me directly by email or phone:  Anne@AnnaBelleEvents.com    ||   573.489.3706

|| New Online Platform ||

AnnaBelle Events online is a Digital Wedding Planning Platform for all engaged couples.  An expertly crafted system with real tool, resources, tips, and expert planning knowledge - all surrounded by personal planning experience.  

As an engaged couple you experience the burden of stress and pressure to plan the most meaningful and memorable wedding day for you and all your guests. Also there is your budget and the decision making of numerous expenses that couples have never dealt with before. The #1 struggle for couples is: getting started in planning, actually picking a date and location. Knowing couples struggle from the very beginning it's clear they will continue to struggle through their 9-14 month engagement. 

Currently the online market offers couples general tools without a lot of guidance and very little personalization. There are numerous resources for inspiration, yet they typically leave expectations elevated beyond couple's budgets. This causes even more stress and pressure on couples while they are planning. 

In contrast to the competition AnnaBelle Events online will provide a detailed "hand-holding" approach every step of the way through the wedding planning process.  With every tool and resource will be paired with explanation and videos. The tools we create will organize planning details, provide user friendly downloads and be customizable.

In some ways AnnaBelle Events online will actually replace the traditional wedding planner and that's okay! We must be aware of the changes in this industry and we are positioned to be the go-to resource to everyday couples planning one of the most memorable days of their lives.  

Preview of Current Version of The Online Platform

Currently built through Thinkific, our platform offers educational modules divided into 8 sections.  Each module begins with a tutorial video by Anne Churchill, working through the resources and tools included in the module.  The video will cover how to use them, the importance and tips in planning for the subject at hand.  From there users work through PDFs, worksheets and a spreadsheet here and there.  They will also be linked out of the platform to Aisle Planner, a while labeled platform, that we utilize for their budget and guest list management. 

Users will experience podcast style audio with experts in each area the module is covering.  Giving them more insider information and a better understanding of the best way to plan their wedding.  Throughout their planning experience users will also have a monthly live Q&A call with Anne Churchill to work through any questions at hand. To add to the personal experience users will be encouraged to participate in discussion boards within the platform to talk with fellow couples who are in the same stages of planning.  Users will finish planning in the final details module which prepares them to hand over all the details to their wedding day.  Whether that be a "day-of" wedding planner, trusted friend or family member they will have everything in one place for a smooth wedding day!

|| AnnaBelle Events ||

October will mark the 8th year anniversary for AnnaBelle Events, Central Missouri's leading Event and Wedding Planning company. We are the only brick and mortar planner in the area and have been the last five years. 


We have planned over 200 events and weddings over the last seven years.  These events typically take place in Central Missouri, clients have had us travel to Arkansas, Chicago and Michigan.  While our location is regional our wedding clients are not!  They come from all over the world to get married in Central Missouri.

We offer event planning services for corporate, non-profits and social clients.  These have included charity golf tournaments, corporate retreats, galas, birthday parties and more.  These events are all bid out individually. 

For weddings we offer three in-person planning packages that range from $2,200 to $6,800 per wedding. 

In the Fall of 2017 we began offering online planning services, this offering is also allowing us to determine our minimal viable product. Currently we are offering an educational platform with live monthly Q&A calls with Anne Churchill, Wedding Planning Expert.  We are also integrating the use of AislePlaner.com to offer users budget and guest list managmeent.  These services are allowing us to test the market as we develop a full online planning platform.

AnnaBelle Events has been recognized for our work both nationally and locally. We pride ourselves on client reviews and no with years in the business love returning families as clients.  When siblings and best friends get engaged we are their first call in wedding planning!

Osbourne WEdding.jpg
Anne was an absolute dream to work with! She was on top of everything and so sweet! Leading up to the wedding, she was very flexible with meeting times and always willing to stay a little late. She walked us through the invitation design process and they turned out perfectly! She was a wonderful collaborator! On the day of the wedding, Anne and her staff were extremely professional and helpful. They easily maneuvered an 18 person wedding party. Everything ran so smoothly and I was worry free! I had total faith in Anne and she delivered! It was the most perfect wedding and I’m so thankful for all her hard work.
— Jill & Josh, Married Summer 2016

|| Anne Churchill ||


I'm a creative at heart with new business ideas popping in my head daily. My ever growing list of these idea many times it's just that, unless it has to do with AnnaBelle Events.  Which is why we all find ourselves here today.  Reaching my early thirties and fastly approaching a decade as an entrepreneur has led me to a lot of soul searching. Figuring out what I want to do with all I've created and the impact it can have.  In that I have found my underlining passion within the event and wedding industry. 

That passion is to help couples walk down the aisle without the stress of planning their wedding weighing on their shoulders.  Too many times I have witnessed couples fighting with family, or worse, each other moments before they get married.  Over things that can easily be avoided with better planning. 

The key to eliminate this stress is an organized and personal planning platform. A resource where the everyday couple that struggles even getting started and continues to as they plan the one day in their life that holds so much meaning, commitment and expectations.  

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My combination of creativite thinking and A personality has led me down the DIY route for the majority of the my entrepreneurial path. That said, I've realized my own limitations and going online is requiring more than my skills.

I'm looking for the skill set that surpasses my ability in development, design and creation. As well a mentorship on this journey of scaling my established local business into a online industry leader.

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My current roadmap! This is a great resource to work through the details, and lay them out in an organized manner.