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Welcome, we are so excited you have found your way here! Below you will find all the initials details on our corporate and non-profit event planning service.  Our team is passionate and well versed in every aspect of planning event. For these types of events we always find it is best to create custom proposals.  

We are Experience Makers! 

We know that our best fit clients are ones truly looking to create an experience. That may be working with us to plan a company retreat, celebrity golf tournament, awards banquet, festival - the list goes on and on!  In any scenario you will find our team provides you a wealth of experience and expertise, along with a very well organized planning process. 

To start the planning process we would love to schedule an initial consultation. At that time we will cover the initial specifics of your event, parameters we will work within together and the goals and/or objectives for your event. Please give all of this consider before we meet.  


For each event we are contracted for we begin with an initial planning meeting, at this meeting we will cover:

· Event budgets and previous expenses, to anticipate future expenses

· Fundraising goals and avenues

· Initial theme and purpose for the event

· Roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in planning

· Establish a planning timeline with milestones and deadlines

Following the planning meeting we will be able to effectively complete all tasks identified while hitting the set goals and following our timeline.

Contracted services can include, but are not limited to:

Meetings & Communication, Organizational Tasks, Financial Tasks, Sponsorship Tasks, Event Design Tasks, Collateral Design Tasks, Program Tasks, Staffing Tasks, Logistical Tasks, and On-site (Day of event) Tasks

Who We've Worked With

How We Propose

AnnaBelle Events designs proposals for events in a variety of ways. First we must decide if the right fit is event consulting or full service event planning.  From there we agree upon: hourly consulting, a fee per an individual event or a retainer contract.  In our proposal we will include the option(s) that best fit your event.

This is always customized to fit the level of service and attention needed by our clients. It will be based on:

· Duration of the planning process

· Specific services needed (hours to be worked)

· Whether it is a one-time event or series of events

· Location of the event

· Event Budget

In our experience we find a professional event planner providing full service planning should account for 18-20% of your overall event budget. That budget should include all sponsored and donated services or supplies. 

Our consulting services are not based on budget and tailored specifically to your needs.  In many cases this can be the best route for our budget conscious clients - those with set monthly budgets or with smaller overall budgets.  Consulting is also a perfect fit for companies and organizations with a well equipped team or board in place to work with us.

Why We Do What We Do