You Said Yes! Now What?

The hardest decision for couples to make when planning their wedding isn’t what color scheme to go with, or what food to serve, it’s where to start. 

Weddings don’t just happen over night, trust us.  There are so many details that need to be considered and, we get it, it can be overwhelming. 

Below are our tips on how to make this journey feel a bit more manageable. 


1.       Have Everything in One Place

Whether this is on your calendar, Google Drive, or Aisle Planner, make sure there is one place you can go and find everything that has to do with the wedding.  Otherwise, you’ll find yourself writing down appointments in your planner, but looking for the details on your phone which just creates unnecessary stress that can and should be avoided.

2.       Utilize Checklists

It’s no secret that checklists make everything run more smoothly, so why wouldn’t you use them for your wedding?  Go one step further and download one of the dozens of apps that are designed to make using checklists a breeze. (Our favorite is Asana as mentioned in our blog post from earlier this month "How Do Brides Stay Organized"

3.       Set Time Aside

As tempting as it sounds, working on your seating chart from your bed while binge watching Netflix may not be the best idea.  Setting aside a few hours a week to work through some items on your checklist without distractions is a much better plan. Make a day of it, grab lunch at your favorite café and camp out for a few hours, bonus points if you and your fiancé set aside time together to work on the wedding details. 

The Dales-534.jpg

4.       Invest in a Planner

Lastly, and probably the most obvious tip, is hire a wedding planner!  We already know where to start in the planning process, and we’re pro organizers.  Hiring a wedding planner not your style?  At the very least utilize those people in your life who are eager to help with any of the details you find yourself struggling with; like your maid of honor who has an eye for graphics and would love to help design your invitations. 


Time to Get Started on your New Year’s Resolution: Finally Getting Organized.