Where to Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality: Food and Beverage

It's a new week which means a brand new blog post about saving money on your wedding!

This week might be the most important because we are talking about food and drinks.

There are always so many changing trends when it comes to what to serve your guests and how to serve them. Follow our advice and you can impress your guests with amazing dishes and drinks without breaking the bank (and hopefully you'll get a chance to enjoy them too).

Tip #3: Food and Beverage

Plated meals tend to be the more expensive option when feeding a crowd, and unfortunately, are not always appreciated.  Think of the times you have received a plated dinner at an event and wished you had a bigger scoop of mashed potatoes but less veggies. Family or buffet style options allow for your guests to feel like they can take as much as they like without hurting the chef's feelings for leaving something untouched on their plate.

Speaking of wasted food, a lot of the wedding cake goes uneaten, so if cake isn't your dessert of choice, don't order one! If you are still trying to keep the tradition alive, opt for a small cake so you and your newly wed can still cut it together. Better yet, pick something sweet you both equally enjoy like cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, or pancakes and cut into a tower of that. 

Budget cakes blog post.png

If you feel like you cannot go without an extravagant wedding cake, then fake it! Ask your baker to create a cake out of styrofoam or cardboard and icing.  They will make the top layer out of real cake so you can still make a show of cutting it in front of everyone, but when they bring it to the kitchen to cut the rest, they will be serving your guests out of identically decorated sheet cake. 

Trust us, no one will know and it is extremely common to do. Plus it photographs beautifully! You could have cakes as gorgeous as the ones below for less.

CedarCreekWedding_MissouriWeddingPhotographer_MonicaJosh_CatherineRhodesPhotography-6-1 (1).jpg

An open bar can be way more expensive than people realize but thankfully there are plenty of options when it comes to alcohol,  including signature cocktails, a la carte pricing, BYOB venues, or serving only beer and wine. Don't be afraid to get creative here and experiment different signature cocktails with your fiancé! 

Budget cocktails blog post.png

Lastly, if you will be having a lot of little ones running around the reception, ask if the chef will prepare kids meals.  They won't cost nearly as much as the other guests' meals and will probably be more up their alley anyway.

kisd table.jpg
kids meal.jpg
Don't forget our stationery and vendor saving money techniques! And get excited for next week's blog on saving money on decor!