Where to Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality: Decor

Welcome to the last post of our cost cutting blog series! This week we're talking about every DIY bride's fantasy: decor

Decor can be a really unique aspect of your wedding and we are here to help you get the most for your money. This can range from large scale items like renting vintage furniture pieces, all the way to smaller scale items including place settings and party favors.

No matter their size, it is important to remember that all of your decor will work together to create your picture perfect day.

Tip #4: Decor

We know when it comes to weddings it's hard to say no, but trust us more isn't always more.  Go double duty on some of the decor and floral arrangements especially if you are using the same venue for the ceremony and reception.  Use the bouquets as center pieces, or floral arches as a backdrop to the head table. 

Speaking of floral arrangements, if you're comfortable with it, go ahead and make your own centerpieces and bouquets! Floral shops charge a lot for labor, and depending on how many arrangements you want to have at your wedding it can end up being a huge cost. Consider taking a floral design class to learn the basics so you can put your personal touch on your wedding.

DSC_5135 copy.jpg
DSC_5115 copy.jpg

Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

Succulents wrapped in tissue paper are a bright and fun addition to this table top.

When creating your own centerpieces, or any other decor, go secondhand! Borrow vases from family members, or hit up your local thrift shop for vintage pieces that will make each table look unique.


When choosing a venue, try to picture what you want your wedding day to look like. Depending on the venue, you may not even need to bring in that much decor! Most outdoor venues come with their own free decor and breathtaking backdrops.


DIY when possible and when it makes sense financially. The materials needed for a project can really add up, so weigh your options here but definitely buy in bulk and get crafty when your vision calls for it!

Now that you have tips on where to save money, go out and make your dream wedding a reality! Don't forget to read up on the rest of our blog post series full of money saving tips when it comes to stationery, vendors, and food and beverage!