Where to Cut Costs Without Cutting Quality: Vendors

Welcome back to part two of our blog post series on cutting costs for your wedding! This week: vendors.

Choosing vendors can be stressful because, like stationary, there are so many different things to think of:

Who will be the photographer?

Where will you be getting the cake? 

And most importantly...where will all of this be taking place??

Lucky you found us because we are here to tell you how and when to cut costs when it comes to choosing vendors and venues! 

Tip #2: Vendors

When hiring photographers or musicians make sure you schedule their time wisely as many will charge by the hour, so make sure you are being strategic with your timeline and not paying them to wait around until they are needed!


Or, do away with outside vendors all together and ask talented friends and family members to be part of the ceremony as the musician or even the officiant.  This will not only cut costs but make your ceremony so much more personal.


If you are lucky enough to live near a university (hint: Columbia is home to multiple) take advantage of  eager to please students working for a lower cost, or work directly with the services offered by the university (did someone say Tiger Garden?)


You can save tons of money on your venue if you do not get married on a Saturday! Consider getting married on a Sunday morning and have an extravagant brunch as the reception or get married on the eve of a holiday so your guests will most likely have to next day off!


Speaking of venues, finding one that allows you to bring in all of your own vendors instead of making you use theirs will save you tons of money in the long run! Not to mention, you get to have all your favorites without feeling like you are making sacrifices.

Make sure to check out our money saving tips when it comes to stationery if you haven't already, and we'll see you next week to talk about saving money on food and drinks!