What to Expect Being Engaged at the Holidays


Nothing beats the holiday magic for engagement season. 

Twinkling lights and fluffy snowfall make for a beautiful proposal and photographs. The winter months are full of opportunities for such occasions, as well as chances to celebrate this milestone with the people you love. Are you heading into the holidays recently engaged? Here are a few things to expect during holiday celebrations: 

1. Toasts on Toasts on Toasts

During the holidays, there are plenty of celebrations with different family and friends, so there will be many times to share the news and to celebrate! Your engagement will be the center of attention. Everyone will want to congratulate you and perhaps give a toast in your honor! Be gracious and humble, and thank everyone for their best wishes. If you don't like all the attention, you can be sure to bring up any other big news in the family to distract them from you!

2. Questions Galore

After all the praise comes all the questions. When? Where? Colors? The questions will seem never ending and oh, so repetitive. A great expression to keep in your back pocket is "We haven't planned anything yet. We're just enjoying the moment right now." There is no reason you have to divulge information if you do not want to (especially if the person asking won't be invited anyways). Just let them know that you want to keep the details under wrap for the time being. 

3. Future Planning

With your first holiday engaged together, you may start to think about the future more definitely, like if you want little stockings to stuff later on or where you want to settle down. The holiday traditions you and your partner want to begin together may continue into your own family down the road! Also, take mental (or physical) notes on how your friends and family host celebrations during the season to gather very invaluable tips for when it's your turn. 

4. Holiday Blues

Experiencing holiday blues is a lot more common than you would think. Balancing your own holiday traditions and family with your fiances' can be troublesome. Splitting up holidays between the two families can bring up feelings of sadness. This might even be your first holiday away from home! At the end of the day, remember that you are with your partner and to talk out any difficulties you are having. Just find peace in the fact that in a few years, you two will find your holiday rhythm and everything will natural balance itself out. 

Happy Holidays!

Anne Churchill