We're Talking Burlap

Adding burlap to an event can give it a rustic "homey" feel. Today we're going to show you some ways to incorporate burlap into your next event!

In Missouri the trend of burlap is here to stay, we don't see it fading away time soon.  So embrace it, add it to your event and do it right!

Reasons why we love burlap:

  1. It is a beautiful rustic material that brings warmth to any occasion and scenery
  2. I's versatile and can be used in almost any situation (decorations, tables, backdrops etc.)
  3. Burlap is fairly easy to work with and transform. This means you might be able to save some money by taking advantage of DIY projects.

Here are some great examples!

Table Runners

Aisle Runners

Cake Decorations

Backdrops & More

Fashion Designs

Finishing Touches

- Taylor Brickey

Marketing & Planning Assistant