Wedding Trend: Signature Cocktails

Why are couples choosing signature cocktails?

To be frank, open bars can be expensive! Couples on a tight budget may not want to have a completely dry wedding. For price conscious individuals, signature cocktails provide the perfect means to satisfy your guests without hurting your wallet! By offering few selections, couples are not only minimizing the costs of the alcohol itself, but also the different types of glassware and garnishes necessary for some drinks.

So, how do I pick a signature cocktail?

1. By Color

Why not tie the signature cocktails into your overall wedding theme! Connect the color schemes to your beverages to maximize your event atmosphere. 


2. By Glassware

If you don't have creative drink ideas, you can always spice them up with how they are presented! Different glasses fit the theme, and matching those details can be tricky. For example, Mason Jars pair well with rustic themes, and champagne glasses are ideal for elegant affairs. 


3. By Personalities

Sometimes members of the wedding have their own personal signature cocktails. Maybe the Groom fancies Jack Daniels & Coke, or maybe the Maid of Honor loves Moscow Mules. You can always name the drink after said-personality as well! 


4. By Season

Nothing says fall like a sparkling apple pie cocktail! Use nature to your advantage when trying to narrow down your flavor options. 


Choosing signature cocktails is a fun adventure. You don't need to have an open bar to ensure guest happiness! 

Anne Churchill