Wedding Reception Lawn Games

Dancing isn't for everyone. 

Sometimes choosing games to put out at your wedding reception is the perfect move for those guests that despise dancing in public. Let's face it: not everyone looks as good as you do on the dance floor. For your two-left footed friends, a variety of games are available to keep them entertained. For this article, we are taking a closer look at the top lawn games for this Fall season.


1. X's and O's

Tic Tac Toe is an easy way to get your guests involved outside. This simple game gets every age group involved, and what a bonus it is to have big X and O letters to correlate to your love being celebrated! 


2. For the Punny Couples

Displaying this lawn game is first of all, super easy, and secondly super cheesy! (We love cheesy!) You could also take this one step further and add fake diamonds to the rings to make the pun obvious! This decor/game is a great way to keep your theme active throughout your entire wedding. 


3. For the Classic Lovers

Add a dash of charm to your outdoor reception area with customized corn-hole sets! This option adds an easy way to have fun with the elegance that can still match your wedding. This game is universally understood and easy to pick up on, so all your guests can enjoy their game time! 


4. For the Kids at Heart

Whether you are a ten year old child bored out of your mind, or an adult who just wants to play, this outdoor game is an absolute riot. This option is one of our favorites because it is so unique and rarely seen at wedding receptions! Take your guests by surprise and spice up your reception with some original ideas. 

Anne Churchill