Unique Wedding Registries

Household items have always been the go-to traditional wedding registry, but if you and your spouse already have a well stocked kitchen and a decent shower set, don't feel pressured to put these items on the wedding registry. There are tons of unconventional wedding registries that will allow guests to support from your honeymoon travel to your late night cravings. 

For couples out there who do not need another blender, we present you five unique wedding registry ideas:  

1. Domino's Pizza

Couples can disagree on many things, but pizza is highly unlikely one of them. Starting February 8th, Domino's is offering its own wedding registry so that pizza-loving couples can choose to receive their favorite Domino's pizza as a wedding gift. 

Image source: Domino's

Image source: Domino's

How it works: visit Domino's wedding registry page, put in the information, select image, message and gift items for your registry, and then share it with your family and friends using a URL made just for you. 

Things we like: Domino's offers various creative gift options ranging from $15-$100. We love how you can choose to have Domino's pizzas catered to your bachelor/ bachelorette party or enjoy a "Low-key Date Night" or a "Post-Honeymoon adjustment to real life" Domino's meal with your spouse after the wedding. After all, doing dishes is just the worst! 



Hemne's bed frame or Storna extendable tables might not sound so romantic, but it might be the signal for you and your spouse to take the next big step in your modern relationship: assembling IKEA furniture together. 

How it works: Download the IKEA Gift Registry app (on iOS or Android or text “Registry” to 62345 to receive link to download), sign up online, or visit a kiosk in store.

Things we like: IKEA has lots of "grown-up" things worthy of your time and effort to put them together. You can choose from a great range of furniture and appliances. Guests can "chip in" with others for buying items more than $50, apply a purchase to a gift card instead of buying a physical item, and buy items in-store or online.


3. Beer Club

Easy to sign up and great for beer lovers!

The Best Beer of the Month Club offers different membership options based on the type of beer the couple is interested in: U.S. Microbrewed, The U.S. and International Variety, Hope-Heads, or the International Club. There is also multiple options for Hand Selected Rare Beer memberships. Don't like beer? That's not a problem either.  This wedding registry option offers monthly memberships for beer, wine, cheese, chocolate, cigars, and flowers. You can just stick with one or create your own unique combination.

How it works: Just visit the Beer Month Club website and you can sign up for yourself, or give it as a gift. The happy couple will receive the products you select on their front porch every month. YES! It's that easy.

Stuff we like: We love that they allow you to customize you own membership package! This can make it unique and personalized for each couple! Not to mention, they will be getting new products every month to try out!


4. I Do Foundation

Instead of registering for wedding gifts, JustGive allows your guests to donate their money to a charity of the couples choice. We can't think of a better way to celebrate your love than by spreading it to others. With this registry you can pick any charity you want and you can also post a goal for donors to see. You can also give the guests different options of charities that are important to you. This allows them to donate to one, a couple, or all of them. 

How it works: At JustGive.org you can easily sign up for a registry. From there, you just share the link of your registry and guests can donate right from their computer.

Stuff we like: We love the idea behind this registry. This is perfect for couples who don't know what they want and would rather put the money to something more meaningful to them.

Photography: Catherine Rhodes

Photography: Catherine Rhodes


5. Absolutely Anything Registry

This is the registry for the couple who wants absolutely anything. NewlyWish has over 10,000 products and experiences from over 200 brands.  This allows couples to put absolutely anything they want on their registry. Want to save up for your future child's college fund? They can do that. Want to travel to an exotic location for your honeymoon? They can do that too. Want a new house or toy for the furry member of your family? You can add that to your registry too.

How it works: NewlyWish makes it very convenient to create your customized registry. Creating an account on NewlyWish.com allows you to start creating your registry right away. They organize the gift options based on general categories with different subcategories as well. From there you can also filter based on price and color of products.

Stuff we like: This registry obviously offers anything you could imagine wanting. We love that you can completely customize exactly what you want. Your registry can be as unique as you want it to be. You can truly show your personality through your wedding registry.


There you have it! Whether you and your spouse prefer to bond over putting together IKEA furniture or indulge a pizza during a low-key date night, we hope this list help you with deciding what to put on your registry other than just household items. 


Jerry and Taylor

Event Assistant Team