What's hot now?

It's the start of a new year and with that comes new trends! YAY! Wedding Wire made a huge list of new trends that we should watch out for in 2017 and I'm writing to share my thoughts. These are just a few of the trends I hope to see pop up more in the wedding industry this year because I'm ready to see change. After all, isn't that the point of starting a new year? So I hope you guys are ready because here we go! 

1. Less pinks, more rose golds

I love that rose gold is becoming popular! My mom is actually the one who first started wearing rose gold around me, and whether it is jewelry or clothes, she rocks it and so can you! Rose gold can be incorporated into your wedding color scheme, place settings, or in your bridesmaids dresses. It's a fun color that will pop, grab people's attention, but won't take the focus away from the bride. 

2. Two-piece bridesmaid dresses

2 piece bridesmaid dress.jpg

It may just be because this trend started a few years after my last prom and I missed out on the opportunity to wear something so unique and fun, but I really do like the look of a two-piece dress. It's flattering on almost everyone and can either be simple and modest or can give off a more elegant look when beading and embellishments are added.  

3. Sheer and sexy wedding dresses

sheer lace dress.jpg

Now ladies, when I say sheer and sexy I don't mean you're showing off everything you've got. I mean a illusion neckline, open back, or a laced dress with intricate patterns, allowing you to show off just enough to where you feel sexier than normal, but won't get yelled at by your grandmother. 

4. Brunch weddings

Is there really even any reason to explain this one? We all know you love brunch and so do your guests! Waffle bars, mimosas, and donuts-I'll just let you marinate on that....plus, think about how much money you could save without serving plated dinner meals. 

5. No more vows or toasts from phones

PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES!!! I can't stress enough how annoying it is to see people read vows and speeches off their phones. Like where has the thoughtfulness and elegance gone? Instead of using your phone, use a cute notebook or journal and write down what you want to say. Not only is it more presentable, but this way the couple can keep your kind words forever.  

6. Velvet Upholstery

This trend has already hit the market here in Missouri and hopefully it continues to get more popular. E. Clare Vintage style furnishings are a special touch that our brides like to add on their big day because they know that their guests will become mesmerized. It's a totally unique look you can't go wrong with! Especially you bo-ho chic, vintage brides out there-I know you're thrilled about that blue velvet couch being in fashion now! 

7. Parent's first look

In my opinion why wouldn't you do a first look with your parents? I am a huge daddy's girl, but that doesn't change the fact that your parents are the ones who helped you get to your big day. Through all the band recitals, bad-boys, and career moves they want to see you smiling and glowing on your wedding day just as much as your fiancé! 

8. Creative cake flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry...I bet you got bored just reading those flavors. Bananas Foster, tiramisu, salted caramel, and lemon berry...I bet you're mouth is watering now! Why not mix things up and go for a more decadent cake flavor, you won't be sorry! 

9. Colored envelopes

It's crazy to me how people want such elaborate invitations and stationary but then pick a nude or white envelope. You think your guests are going to be more excited when they see a gold envelope arrive in the mail or another ordinary white one that reminds them of bills? Yeah I think the gold one too! Take it from us here at AnnaBelle Events, the paper products we produce are anything but ordinary and really do make all the difference! 

10. The last-last song 

I immediately fell in love with this trend when I read about it! This happens after the last dance for the crowd and after everyone is cleared out of the room. The only people then allowed in the room are the couple, DJ, and photographer/videographer. How sweet and romantic right?! Quick, someone grab me a tissue the waterworks are coming! 

So there you have it guys! These are the top 10 trends I hope to see really impact the wedding industry this year. You may disagree with some of them, but I truly think we have some game-changers on our hands! 


Lead Planning Assistant

Anne Churchill