Traditions: Something Old

Whether it be something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue.... 

We have found something just for you.


We have compiled different ideas for something old. Tradition has it that this is meant to tie the bride to her family's past.

Family Heirloom


This can include any and all of family jewelry and broaches. A popular trend is for the engagement rings to be made up of a family member's diamonds. 

Another trend is to use old broaches to pin the bouquet.

Mother/Grandmother's Wedding Dress


There is nothing more sentimental than wearing your loved ones dress from their special day. However, sometimes though styles just aren't in anymore. Another way to do this is to take part of the dress, whether it be the beads, lace, veil, train and incorporate it into your own. (Only if grandma is okay with you cutting up her dress!)


Photos of Lost Loved Ones


This trend is unique and clever. It is to tie small lockets or picture frames around the stems of the wedding bouquet. In these frames you are to put pictures of your lost loved ones to commemorate them on your special day. 


Anne Churchill