Top 4 Tips To Planning a Large Event

Guest Blog Post from Bur Oak Brewery Blog, original link. 

The word large can have a variety of meanings when it comes to events.

Large can make people think of the guest count. For a planner a guest list in the 100's can be large while for another planner in the 1,000's can be large.

Large may also mean the scope of the event - including the activities, entertainment and length of the event. All those factors can make the scope of an event larger and larger.

No matter what "large" means to you for events here are 4 key tips to keep in mind when being a planner and host of an event.


1. Don't lose sight of the reason for your event.  

The larger the scale of an event the more variables and factors that come into planning. Make sure with every decision you are connects to the reason or purpose for the event.

Ask yourself: Does the food fit the theme? Does the venue lend itself to the feel you are going for? Are you trying to raise money? Then watch your spending and don't get carried away.

2. Stay general to please the masses.

Make sure you are keep all your guests in mind when making decisions on major factors. Those being food, environment and entertainment.  


- Don't get too fancy or picky with food that won't be appealing to everyone.

- Select a venue that is accessible to anyone.

- When it comes to entertainment make sure there is always something for everyone.

- While new ideas are great to work in, make sure you guests know what to except and experience that.

3. The Aftermath.

This is forward thinking that needs to happen before your event takes place. Your most captive audience is during your event - so ask yourself beforehand how do you want them to feel when they leave? What do you want them saying about the event on Monday at work? Based on those answers make sure it relates to the goals and you make planning decisions to make them happen.

4. Enjoy Yourself.

Nothing is more stressful at an event than a stressed Host! Make sure you have everything lined up and a team in place the day-of to make everything happen. Your team may be actual staff or family and friends. Either way make sure they actually know enough to make decisions, provide them with the knowledge to make decisions so it doesn't all hinge on you.


Anne, Owner & Event | Wedding Planner AnnaBelle Events