Minding your manners during wedding season.

Originally published in COMO Living Magazine, link here

Spring has sprung and your wedding timelines are getting tighter. As you bounce from here to there, checking things off the to-do list, it's important to mind the Ps and Qs of you "I Do"s. Yes, I am talking about manners and etiquette. This will ensure you avoid heartaches, tense situations, and unnecessary nonsense -- This goes for the engaged couples and wedding guests.

Couple Etiquette

You've made your wedding guest list. If you must cut guests, be sure you haven't invited them to any pre-wedding celebrations. I know it's hard, but it's not fair to be invited to a shower and not the big day. Always make sure those on your pre-wedding celebration lists are guaranteed a place at your wedding.

And keep a lid on it! This goes for your workplace and social media. If you spend time pinning at work and getting chit-catty with the gals in the neighboring cubicles, they are going to anticipate an invite. So keep the chatter to a minimum unless that's a guarantee. 

For social media, I doubt all your Facebook friends and Instagram followers will have a seat at your reception, so don't overpost! No sharing your awesome wedding website or pictures of your invites. Keep your posting to shower thank-yous and a few photos.

And, always, give thanks! Even though it won't always feel this way, many people are involved in your wedding festivities. And while it may not stand out or be unsolicited, it's important to honor the people giving their time, talents, and love. Make it easy on yourself by picking up some cute thank you cards and stamps. You'll be ready at a moment's notice to express your gratitude.

Tips for Guests

Now for our wedding guests: The Ps and Qs extend to you too. I've got two quick pointers to ensure you are the best wedding guests ever. 

The invitation has arrived, and you may already know what you're wearing and who you're taking as a date. But not so fast. Double check the envelope. Who is it specifically addressed to? That envelope is the couple's way of telling you how many seats are reserved for you. It's not your place to bring more.

Now it's later on: You're at the ceremony, the lovely couple is about to enter, and ring, ring, ring! A phone goes off. Or, even worse, the guest posted in the aisle captures the kiss on their phone. We all know it happens. Here's what I need to say: Stop. Put your phone away. Turn it on silent. Having an unplugged ceremony makes it more intimate and meaningful. Do your part, be present, and be unplugged.

Anne, Owner & Event | Wedding Planner AnnaBelle Events