Photo Poses: Groomsmen

Some of these guys have been by your side since birth...

Since childhood...

Since High School...

Since College...

They have seen and probably have been partners in some of your worst and best moments. They are the special men who get to stand by your side on your special day. 

The Straight Line


The pose is simple and a classic. It is the side by side photo. It shows off everyone in their suits and is a very clean, organized photo.

Getting Ready


These photos always come out so clean. It is the before pictures. It is the last minutes of single life. They normally include a brother, father or friend helping the group with his tie. It shows the behind-the-scenes looks. 

Mix It Up


And of course, the fun photos. These are the photos that including the cheers! They can be funny poses with the bride. I have even seen some of the men holding the groom and the bride trying to pull him out of their arms. But most importnatly, the men always want a picture of their socks. 

Anne Churchill