Photo Poses: Couple

 The two most important people of the day. It is your day and you are completely the center of attention. 

These photos are what you will look back on the rest of your lives. These are what you will show your children. One day, your grandchildren may even have one of these photos framed on their dresser. 

These photos capture your big day forever.

The Whole Bridal Party

The Dales-390.jpg

These include the whole bridal party. Every special person throughout the couple's lives are in these photos. It is a beautiful shot to have everyone lined up and really show off the whole look. 

All Photos-0037.jpg

Up Close and Personal


This pose is very special. It shows the tenderness. The smiles. The laughs. The look in each other's eyes. This pose really shows the love between the couple. It can be anything ranging from silly funny faces to super intimate holding one another. These are the photos that you will have blown up and hung above your bed in your first house together. 

All Photos-0064.jpg
All Photos-0065.jpg
The Dales-545.jpg

The Veil

All Photos-0063.jpg

The veil is such a beautiful part of the bride's look. This pose is very intimate with the way the veil can be draped throughout the photo. The longer the veil, the more it can fly in the wind. 

At the Altar


We love photos at the altar because this is the couple as the center of attention in true form. Normally there are different angles where you are able to frame the couple. Plus, you can always catch that first married kiss. 

Far Away

Scott Patrick Myers Photography 20160430 Russell Wedding Blue Bell Farm-15.jpg
GettingReady_BlueBellFarm_MalloryVann_CatherineRhodesPhotography-152-Edit (1).jpg

The far away shot has a beautiful way of capturing the romantic moment. It is able to show the scenery. It gives you a sense of all the surroundings but it also shows the sweet moment between the couple. 

The Exit

down the aisle.jpg
BlueBellFarm_WeddingPhotography_ColumbiaMissouri_Highlight_CatherineRhodesPhotography-32 (1).jpg
Scott Patrick Myers Photography 20160430 Russell Wedding Blue Bell Farm-19.jpg

Talk about perfect photo moment! The exit from the church, venue or reception are always perfect photos. These photos incorporate both the guests and the newlywed couple. These shots are so aesthetically pleasing the way the the guests surround the couple. These are best during sparkler or ribbon send-offs. 

The Silhouette

The Dales-534.jpg

Finally, one of the most romantic shots, the silhoutte shot. These are so beautiful and one of a kind. You can't see the details but youcan still make out the feautures of the couple. We absolutley love these shots. 

Anne Churchill