Life a Year After Inspired!

Today I'm taking a quick moment to reflect!  I'm sitting here 11 months after attending my first-ever retreat. I'm not talking about another big industry conference or a series of drab seminars in freezing cold ballrooms. It's been a year since I ventured out on a 8 hour drive to a tiny town in Tennessee. Loading my car with cute outfits, business essentials and a laundry list of podcasts. I picked up two strangers at the airport that were setting off on the same journey.  We quickly became great girlfriends, as we made the final 45 minute drive to Evins Mill for the Inspired Retreat together. A retreat I would describe with words like: intimate, boss ladies, life-changing, mind-opening, safe.  

One important thing I want to share is what I did before attending the Inspired Retreat. I set a goal! That goal was to attend focused on a new business idea that was brewing deep inside me.  I wanted to see if that idea was worth it, if it truly aligned with me and if it was something I should do.  That idea didn't have a name last September, it does now - Jubilee Planning Studio.  What is now my second business! Jubilee opened it's doors January 9th and it's amazing to sit here and think it was just an idea back in September. 

I share this with you because I want you to know the impact experiences like the Inspired Retreat can have. I want to encourage you to take that leap!  Ask yourself - what have you been wanting to do, wanting to attend, or invest in to continue your growth???  If you're ready then set a goal and do it!  Push yourself and hold yourself accountable. You won't believe where you could be in less than a year from today!

While the retreat was packed full with business content that pushed me to launch Jubilee and I later lead me to launch ACE Speaking, just a few weeks ago (check it out, it's my personal brand offering inspiration and motivational speaking). The retreat was also packed full of fun! Of laughs, great talks late into the night, relaxation, wine, an amazing waterfall oh and dance parties! These are the moments that I hold closest to my heart.

Take a look at my photo recap...

Cheers! - Anne

Anne Churchill