How Do Brides Stay Organized?

These days technology is everywhere; the phrase of the last five years seems to be “there’s an app for that”. 

Staying organized while planning the wedding of your dreams is no different. 

We have put together our favorite online tools that not only save us time and stress but are equally appreciated by our brides.  

Laptop Design Desk.jpeg

1.       Google Drive

Most people already use Google Drive for work but it's also a great tool for wedding planning because it allows you to create documents from anywhere, at any time while editing existing ones.  This is a great place to keep living spreadsheets for your guest list or vendors, so your documents are always extremely up to date.  The best part? There IS and app for that!  You can edit any of your documents from your phone even if you can’t get to a computer.

2.       Asana

Asana is another website that translates seamlessly into an app, so you can access it whether you’re at a cake tasting, bridal fitting, or scouting that band your fiancé promises will be an absolute hit.  There is something so satisfying about having a list of things to do and crossing them out no matter how big or small the task was.  Asana allows you to do just that while keeping track of how many tasks you have completed and how many more you have left.

Here's one of our check lists created in Asana:

Anne went live to show you how our team uses Asana! 


3.       Aisle Planner

Unfortunately, Aisle Planner has not formatted itself to fit in the palm of our hand just yet, but that doesn’t take away from all its other incredible features.  Aisle Planner is your one-stop-shop for all things associated with your big day.  It has different formats for whatever your needs are including calendars, timelines, checklists, and seating charts.  You can even create design boards straight from Pinterest, update and plan your budget, collaborate with your wedding planner, need we go on?  Like we said, it has EVERYTHING. 

Check out how easy this timeline is to use!

Click on any of the links above to get started! Happy Planning...and Organizing!