Honoring Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

When a loved one passes on to another world and cannot make it to celebrate your wedding day, there are ways for the couple to honor their absences. 

Deciding how to honor a lost loved one is a struggle many couples face. The remembrance has to be a balance of acknowledging their memory without over-riding the joyous emotions at your wedding. Couples should find their comfort level with the subject, decide how much attention you want to draw to it, and figure out how to best commemorate the individual. Once these questions are answered, couples can explore these creative options to honor their lost loved ones. 

1. Add Photographs to Details: 

Being on the more subtle spectrum, adding photos to details such as cuff-links and bouquets keeps the remembrance on a more personal level. 


2. Leave Their Seat Open: 

This option depends heavily on how fresh the wound is for you and your guests at the wedding. Leaving their seats open with a token of remembrance is a more public option that can be perfect if the timing is right.  


3. Remembrance Table:

Creating a special space for lost loved ones can be so unique and beautiful. This is a great concept for those who would like to set aside more details for their loved ones. 


4. A Butterfly Send Off:

Most people are familiar with a lantern send off, but this idea adds a little something extra. This is the most extensive way to honor a lost loved one since time will have to be set aside to perform this. 


5. Create New Life:

Sometimes individuals prefer having something tangible to remember and honor their lost loved ones. For this example, a couple chose to hand out seeds to be planted to bring forth new life in honor of a life passed. 


Honoring lost loved ones at a wedding is becoming a new-age tradition rapidly. There are many ways to showcase your love for someone at your event. The perfect method depends on each unique individual.

Anne Churchill