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We're here to discuss our favorite honeymoon websites and all they have to offer!

It can get tedious trying to sort through the different sites out there, so we picked out Our 4 Favorite Honeymoon Registries that should be on every couple's radar.


1. Traveler's Joy

Use this site if: you really only want to register for honeymoon related experiences.

Traveler's joy is a great resource for couples who are serious about cashing in their wedding gifts as experiences rather than items. You can customize the captions on your registry making the interaction more personal, giving guests a chance to understand why the two of you want to dive face first over the edge of a cliff in South Africa. 


2. Wanderable

Use this site if: you are a graphic design artist in training.

Wanderable is another website that focuses completely on the honeymoon itself. Overall, it is very similar to Traveler's Joy, besides the actual construction of the site. Wanderable is known for its beautiful online templates and ability to incorporate pictures of the two of you while you tell your story.


3. Honeyfund

Use this site if: you are looking to register for more than just your honeymoon.

On Honeyfund, couples can create wish lists, register for gift cards, wedding expenses, donations, down payments, and more. This would be perfect for couples who are spending less on their honeymoon and want to register just for plane tickets or hotel reservations among other things.


4. Zola

Use this site if: you are looking for a one-stop-shop.

Last but not least, Zola offers anything and everything you could imagine registering for. Get access to free shipping and gifts from any website, while also registering for unforgettable honeymoon experiences. You can also create a web page with details about your big day for guests who lost the address of the venue, didn't write down the date, or really any other question you foresee coming your way. They are a long time fan favorite for many reasons but maybe the most important: they have the lowest cash fee and are extremely user friendly.

Well after all that, we hope y'all have a better idea of which site is perfect for your registry. 

Don't just take our word for it, hop onto these links and check out sample registries and success stories from couples just like you!

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Anne Churchill