Groovy Gifts for the Guys

When it comes to Men they can be some of the hardest to shop for!

Especially when you doing it for a wedding!

There's the Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers, the list goes on and on depending on how much love you are showing!

For the ladies it's easier. There's makeup, jewelry, a bag or other clothing accessories that can be personalized and even monogrammed.  The Men though, not so much!  We have couples opt to cover the purchase of their suits or tuxedos in lieu of an actual gift.  Then maybe wrap up a shirt, tie and sock set to be opened at the rehearsal dinner.  Yet, those are all things that will porbably just end up falling to the bottom of the closest when the Men get home. 


Well QUE Groovy Guy Gifts (GGG) as a one-stop online shop for unique, personalized and actually cool gifts for guys! This online store has just the right amount of character and purposeful gifts, while not getting to cheesy and staying classy.

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Groovy Guy Gifts!

1. Selection


When shopping for your wedding party it's hard to find one gift that fits everyone. Planning your wedding is already full of many decisions, why not make gifting a bit easier.  GGG does just that with their selection, it's just enough (yet not overwhelming) giving you choices for the adventure man, the beer buddy and gadget geek. 

2. Price Point

Gifts start as reasonable as $20 and go up from there.  It allows for anyone's budget and leaves room to get someone multiple things. Like fill that flask or bottle holder with something special!

3. Personalization

We get it Men don't always have the desire Women do to walk around with their initials plastered to every item they own.  Men do like a good laugh though and what better person to poke fun of than yourself! You can keep your personalization as classy as a name or dive in deeper with our favorite item the MineStein a.k.a Caricature Beer Stein. The process to create this piece of artwork is simple.  Submit a few photos of the subject, approve the proof (make a tweak here or there) and wala an amazing Guy Gift!

Anne Churchill