What Your Flowers Could Be Saying About You

Did you know the flowers you choose might have a hidden meaning? Well we're going to tell you all about what your flowers are really saying!

  • Tulips: If your flowers of choice are tulips, this most likely means you're easy going! You go with the flow similar to how the tulip can bloom on any given day, no matter the temperature. These flowers are very laid back, and we bet you are too!
  • Calla Lilies: They are a strong flower that doesn't require much attention. It can grow strong without much upkeep. Though this flower isn't always known for it's vibrant colors, it will amaze you with its delicate beauty. If this is your favorite flower, we're assuming you're quiet but stand strong in your roots.
  • Hydrangeas: Do you enrich others and encourage them to grow? If so then hydrangeas might be the flower for you! Although they do require maintenance, they also support the blooming other flowers in their vacinity! 
  • Roses: Roses are very strong and protective flowers. They defend themselves with sharp thorns and guard petals, however, they require being handled with care and respect to prevent bruising. Are you protective and look to be cared for? If so, roses might be the flowers for you.
  • Peony: This flower is voluptuous and sweet when it blooms. The peony has a very short time frame for blooming. If peony is your desired flower, it usually means that you live in the moment. You appreciate the little things and your mind is always present with your environment.
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  • Lily: Lilies can be a very dramatic flower blooming high and standing tall, hoping to share it's strength with others. People who love lilies most likely inspire others and keep their head held high throughout any situation.
  • Sunflower: A sunflower represents warmth and light. Someone who loves sunflowers would be optimistic and cheery! Given the right environment, this individual will set their sights on the highest goal.

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-Taylor Brickey

Marketing and Event Assistant