Fast Food Infused to Weddings, Yep it's a Thing!

Finding a venue that really speaks to you and your fiancé may seem like an impossible task; the options are never ending. You could hold your reception at a banquet hall, on the beach, in a hotel, at your country club, in a barn, ect.

The most touching weddings take place somewhere that holds a special meaning for the couple. Whether it's on campus of your alma mater, or at your favorite fast food chain where the two of you have shared countless romantic late night bites, the perfect venue does exist. Yes you read that right, getting married at your favorite fast food chains may be the answer to your venue scouting prayers.

Read up on where fast food fans have tied the knot and look to see if your favorite is on the list!



Talk about a destination wedding to remember, McDonald's locations all across Hong Kong offer four different wedding packages at their restaurants. 

Each one includes:

  • Decor

  • Games

  • Gifts

  • A catered reception of your favorite McDonald's treats.


No word on if McDonald's in the U.S. is planning on jumping on the wedding train, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

mcdonalds wedding.jpg

Taco Bell

Taco Bell made headlines last year when they announced they were launching new Cantinas without a drive thru so they could sell alcohol in their stores. Among that exciting news, here's more: you can now get married at the Taco Bell in Las Vegas!

The $600 wedding package includes:

  • A ceremony with an officiant

  • A private reception for you and 15 guests

  • Custom merchandise

  • A gorgeous sauce packet bouquet

  • The finest dishes off their menu for you and your loved one to share

White Castle: The Royal Wedding

Speaking of Vegas, there is some competition in the world of fast food weddings on the strip. Recently, White Castle held a contest for engaged couples to share their love story and how this bite-sized burger chain played an important role in it.

The first place couple was whisked away to Vegas to enjoy:

  • A rehearsal dinner

  • Full ceremony and reception

  • Cake

  • Flowers and decor

  • A fully catered reception by White Castle.

  • AND a five night honeymoon vacation to Belgium.

Look at the happy couple!

white castle wedding.jpg
white castle.PNG

Second place was impressive as well, White Castle catered two couple's reception with White Castle staples for up to 200 guests


No, most Domino's stores do not have enough room for a full ceremony and reception, but they are still determined to be part of the wedding game. Domino's has released a wedding registry for the ultimate pizza lovers.

Among the registry gifts are meals titled:

  • "Wedding Night"

  • "Post-Honeymoon adjustment to real life"

  • "Cater the Bachelorette Party"


When it doubt, give the cheesiest gift of all: pizza.


It's no secret that our society is coffee crazed, but some of us spend the better part of our lives with a Starbucks permanently in hand. If this is you, maybe consider saying I do over Saturday morning coff

starbucks wedding.jpg

Check out #starbuckswedding on Instagram for some serious inspiration and ask your favorite barista if your Starbucks will help you say "I love you a latte" to your fiance.