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Every Event Gives was founded 4 years ago right here in Columbia, MO with a mission to provide event organizers a world-class online ticket selling system, but that's not all they do! The company is committed to donate a portion of their fees on every ticket sold to a charity of the event organizer's choice.


Our team loves working with this ticketing website on public events and while we are getting into the nitty gritty of the website we think you should go check it out.

As a non-profit or event planer what's better than to market your event as charitable yet not give up any of your profits! Because Every Event Gives - gives them for you!

As an event attendee what a great win-win. Buy a ticket, enjoy an event and also know you are giving!

So here's the nitty gritty of why you should also love EEG!

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.
— Every Event Gives


Every Event Gives is a part of a bigger vision called "Conscience drive Capitalism". It means integrating conscience into every business transaction. It means that making the world a better place is part of everything Every Event Gives does.


See how you can start using Every Event Gives today for your events and contribute to their efforts of making the world a better place.

Yes, it is that easy!

As if you needed more reasons.  

Here's a few other reasons it's awesome?

User friendly website - It takes only 10-20 minutes to create your event and start selling tickets. Managing and changing details of your event will also be a breeze. Every Event Gives also offer versatile image and video layout options for your event. Not only that, it takes just under 2 minutes to purchase a ticket. Quick and easy!

Shoutout to @EveryEventGives for amazing customer service – so much help in the Pakt Center fundraiser. Check them out. Give back!
— Danni, For-Profit Marketing Professional

Excellent customer service - for every step of the way, an Every Event Gives team member is ready and eager to help you. They can help setting up your event page, managing it, and with any thing else that you will need to make your event successful. They are flexible and they are here for you.


The result of successful events using EveryEventGives for ticketing - a stack of checks made out to charities all around the country!  Image source: Every Event Gives

The result of successful events using EveryEventGives for ticketing - a stack of checks made out to charities all around the country!

Image source: Every Event Gives

Every Event Gives will donate part of their fee to a charity of your choice - when you create your event, Every Event Gives will let you pick a charity. With every ticket purchased, they will donate 50 cents from their fee to that charity. 

Every Event Gives accept multiple payment methods, including Bitcoins - In fact, Every Event Gives is the only ticket selling website that accepts both credit card and Bitcoin. The website will also allow the event organizer to create invoices and mail them to customers at no additional cost.

What's in it for you?

Selling event tickets right away at NO COST - You heard that right, there is no charge to anyone until a ticket is purchased. Fees are paid by ticket buyers at point of purchase. You can choose to display the fee at checkout or have them built into the ticket price. Either way, you, the event planner, do not have to pay anything. 

The fees — both the EveryEventGives fee and the credit card fee — are in line with their competitors like Eventbrite. The primary difference is that they give 50-cents for every ticket sold to the recognized charity of event host’s choice.

Unique event features - Every Event Gives allows you to conduct online auction and sell items as part of your events (such as T-shirts, event items, etc.). In addition to that, Every Event Gives has an exclusive partnership with BW Unlimited, a leader in the national charity fundraising industry, which provides you special access to unique, moneymaking auction items.

Access to Event Pro Directory - the latest resource Every Event Gives provides is a national directory of event professionals. Every Event Gives is working to provide event planners a truly comprehensive directory of all event professionals. The directory will get you access to contact information for caterers, equipment rental companies, florists, and the list goes on and on.


Many businesses and organizations have used Every Event Gives in the past, check them out:

So what are you waiting for? Go on and try Every Event Gives for your next event! I promise that you wouldn't be disappointed!


Jerry Nguyen

Event Assistant