Elopements: Breaking the Stigma

In the past,

People looked down on eloping because it disassociated the family & friends from the wedding ceremony, signaled a family's disapproval of the couple, or gave hints of an unexpected pregnancy!  Today, couples are transforming the ways of elopements and giving the option a better reputation. 


So why choose an elopement? 

1. Less Money

It's no secret that weddings have a hefty price tag. For the more price-conscious couples, eloping is a great way to save money for non-essentials. With this option, there is much more wiggle room for what your budget can go toward. Instead of that Cupid ice-sculpture your mother thought was precious, you can get that Event Planner you always wanted. Instead of feeding 100+ people a five course meal, you can get that Event Planner you always wanted! (Wink Wink). 

Bottom line: Use your budget to get those details that are really important to you.

2. Epic Destinations

With all that money saved from choosing this option, you can finally have that epic destination ceremony you always wanted! Eliminating a seating chart for a million guests gives you the flexibility you need to discover beautiful backdrops for your wedding. The common elopement destination areas include: Woods, Mountains, Deserts, and Waterfronts.


3. No Drama

Remember when your Great Aunt Clarice threatened your birthday cash if you didn't invite her unrelated and unimportant friend? Or when your friends didn't talk for a month because one was chosen as a Bridesmaid and the other wasn't? Or when your family's religious traditions don't align with your fiance's family's? 

By choosing an elopement, you are avoiding more than half of the awful drama that appears from no where.  

4. Romantic

Escaping hand-in-hand with your fiance, you are setting off on the most romantic adventure of a lifetime. The privatization of this event causes it to be filled with more serenity and romance. The big-wedding-commotion is not for everyone. Another factor is exchanging more personal vows. Sometimes couples at a large wedding ceremony fear exposing their emotions so vividly in front of a huge crowd. By having a small-to-no crowd, couples can freely say what their hearts desire.

5. Less Rigid Traditions

Weddings contain many traditions that can come from family, religion, or history. Some examples include the white dress, the refusal to see each other before the ceremony, the first dances, the wedding party, etc. Couples who choose to elope get to create their ideal wedding day without the expectations normally pushed on weddings. They can mix and match traditions of the past with their own creative ideas. Our favorite ways couples have integrated and ditched traditions include: 

Integrated: Family/Friends' Presence and Including Pets



Ditched: The White Dress and Standard Venues




Eloping definitely is not for every couple, but it is becoming more of an enticing option than ever before!

Anne Churchill