Ditch the Cake, Grab a Donut

Leaving Cake Behind

Wedding cakes used to be a staple of every wedding reception. The concept was so stable no one ever thought that it could have just been a trend! This dessert is known for its elegance, embellishments, and superb height with a topper to add charisma. So why are couples leaving this trend behind? 

 Cakes can be very expensive. 

Not only is the cake itself pricey, but you must also consider the cake tasting, cake delivery, and cake cutting fees. All of these aspects add up quickly, and when you can eliminate at least half of these expenses you have to pause to think about your options.


How to Provide Donuts and Still be Classy

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation! 

To maintain the elegance of your wedding, choose your donut display carefully! Some great options include displaying the donuts in a cake format and pairing them with coffee or hot chocolate for a dessert combination. More ideas include:



Don't forget the Details: 

Donut slips to remember


Whether you want to save money, provide your guests with more options, or promote your personality, donuts are an excellent treat to bring to your wedding day! 

Anne Churchill