Cheers to Gifts They'll Actual Use

When it’s coming to weddings gifts to others, every couple should give thought to this early in their planning! Why? Because they add up!

Who to give to, how much to spend, and what will they really love!

Don’t stop there, because weeks before your wedding you will realize you overlooked some others. So go ahead and ask yourself these questions to start a list of others you’ll give gifts to!

Questions to ask yourself for others you should really consider:

  1. Are they in your processional?

  2. Did they take on a bulk of planning or really do some heavy lifting?

  3. Did they attend a bachelor/bachelorette party that was on the higher end?

  4. Are they a family or friend that is taking place of a vendor? (ex. cousin baking your cake)

Now, let’s get to the fun part! What should you give?

3 things you should let drive your choices:

Thoughtfulness, Price and Usefulness!

Don’t get caught up in everyone getting the same thing, and to keep it easy we have a one-stop shop to get it all done!

Instead of searching the internet and ordering from a dozen different sites start at

I love the practical and pretty options, plus ready to go sets of multiple gifts. Best of all, personalization!

Let’s take a look at my favorite personalized item - Simply Stemless

At $21 this is gift is the perfect solo item for someone who helped a little, hosted a shower for you or one of your gifts to your wedding party. Yep - the entire wedding party. It’s not just for ladies, this cup keeps ice so well guys will love will love it too!

Comes with a lid and straw, making it perfect for red wine drinkers on your special day and avoiding those party bus spills. I’ve had many a cups like this and it’s far superior in quality and durability!

Pictured: Matte Black with Rose Gold that has a great sparkle.

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Anne Churchill