We've Got Something Brewing...

Working for an event planner sure has its perks. We get an abundance of free dessert samples in the office regularly, we have flexible hours, and no one event is ever the same. But one big perk I just had the opportunity of being a part of was a huge Style Shoot Collaboration. Let me tell you guys, it was awesome! 

A style shoot is a mock-event that we put together with various vendors in order to showcase what they can do, as well as ourselves.

Afterwards, a book or portfolio is usually made of the pictures from the event so our clients can see our work. Our last style shoot was a mock wedding so this time we decided to switch things up. We were fortunate enough to connect with Bur Oak Brewery and transform their unique space into a stunning reception area! As part of our well crafted celebration, we used this time to celebrate AnnaBelle Events reaching a landmark of 115 events! The other vendors that joined our team were: A-1 Party and Event Rental, Images Above, JKelley Photography, Bleu Events, Harold's Doughnuts, KBW Floral Design, TooRooster Artistry, and SW Productions

This style shoot was particularly exciting for me because my (really cool and talented) boss let us interns come up with the style and theme for the event! It was like planning my own wedding-literally every girls dream right?! Everything from the color scheme to the seating arrangement was part of the planning process and it was a lot more detailed then I thought. A shoot like this takes a ton of communication, organization, and trust in your vendors! Most importantly it takes hard work and patience, which all becomes worth it when you see the transformation you've created! 

We really wanted our well crafted celebration to stand out from other events our guests have attended. We chose to go with an industrial, vintage-chic style because we wanted to stray from the norm of this years wedding trends. This year we saw an abundance of light pink and navy blue color schemes, rustic-country inspired decor, and round-table top seating. Going in a whole new direction allowed our clients to see just how creative we can get and allowed our vendors to really branch out as well. One aspect of our event that we really stressed was the lighting since the venue space was so big. I think the pictures speak for themselves when I say lighting is a secret weapon clients often overlook! As it became darker outside, the lighting inside the brewery came to life and took the event to a whole other level! Not only did the lighting make the venue look more elegant, but it even helped the floral and rentals pop! 

I could go on and on about how amazing I think the shoot turned out, but why not take a look for yourselves! Can you even tell this is a brewery? ;) Thanks again to all our amazing collaborators for making this well crafted celebration one for the books! Also remember that details, no matter how big or how small, can make a difference when it comes to transforming a venue space!  

  • -Nicole
  • Lead Planning Assistant
Anne Churchill