9 Years, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't tears

This started as a quick Facebook and Instagram post, pulling a few photos from the google drive and I was going to write a line or two about how today, October 7th marks 9 years for AnnaBelle Events. Then…

A tightness in my chest started and a few tears came (more to come once I’m not in the office I’m sure). We could chalk it up to hormones, because Baby Girl is literally due any day. Instead let’s dive in because I’ve got the time, I’m going to embrace it and share, here it goes nothing…

9 years ago today I was just 24 years old, not much to “my name” or be proud of aside from a fixer upper house (I’m no Joanna Gaines) I will always remember as the “money pit”. I couldn’t get a job to save my life, I interview poorly come to find out. Two years earlier I had walked away from a career path I loved to chase a bigger pay check in a new industry I ended up hating, lasting only months. Then found myself with a new opportunity at the front door of Inside Columbia magazine where I will forever be thankful to be Fred Parry’s right hand, left hand, really whatever he needed me to do. His strong personality with an even stronger drive to always do more was the best mentor for me. It empowered me so much AnnaBelle Events became my first baby 9 years ago.

I remember quitting my job at the magazine (not without trying to score ICM as my first client, that didn’t pan out) and sitting on an airmattress for an office doing everything I could to just make it. I never tired of working alone, never ran out of ideas or drive to wake up every morning to work all day and night. In these 9 years so much has happened I’ve attended conferences to gain more knowledge, retreats for more self-growth, hired amazing team members to work alongside me, moved between 6 offices and today out of all days we settled into our new spot in The Hatchery. Now you’ll find AnnaBelle up in the mezzanine at a cozy little desk with just our essentials. Because if I’ve learned anything over these 9 years it’s that you don’t need all the stuff, all the sq/ft, #allthethings to have a successful business. You just need you!

I’m sitting here trying to answer a frequently asked question, what has gotten me here and pushed me to do this? I honestly have no clue, I don’t know what’s in me to work for myself and many days by myself. What makes me believe we will always have enough clients, to know we always do the right thing and to never doubt we will make it financially each and every month. It’s just there. I wish I did know what it was so I could get more of it, teach it and share it.

Timing is the most interesting thing of this year’s anniversary because I am currently 3 days away from maternity leave. I’m giving myself 12 week off, 12 solid weeks. Gary and I’s honeymoon last year was the first time I had ever truly unplugged, so 12 weeks is kind of unsettling. Today I woke up and didn’t have much to do. I can see the end of my Asana to-do list (I can’t work ahead any further), I’ve handed nearly everything off to Rae (rockstar Event Planner with AB Events)…I’m not needed at the office. I don’t have anything “to-do” till tomorrow. I know, most people would thrive in the nothing and embrace it. Maybe read a book or go shopping, I can’t relate to what runs through someone’s mind in that situation. It’s going to be an adjustment for me. I planned it this way though, because I know myself that well. I just didn’t realize it was landed on today, on 9 years. Feels a bit like sucker punching yourself.

I need these days before baby girl comes to just “be”, before my entire life is changed. I believe all the moms out there can relate that this blog post would be written completely different post baby than it is being written in this moment. I may not know what’s really ahead, I do know it’s completely life changing.

9 years of the most important thing in my life. That has slowly fallen into rhythm with my growing family, my husband and my son…now a newborn daughter will be added to that rhythm of life. So ask me a year from now how it’s all going at what I promise will be a party, because how will we not throw an epic 10 year anniversary party. I have no clue what that looks like…the planner has no plans beyond today. Because the most honest thing I say is… today is enough for a lifetime and from here on out (for at least 12 weeks) I’m taking it one day at a time.

Anne Churchill