7 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

When you're planning a wedding, every little detail counts! You want your guests to remember the food you served, the shoes you wore, and what your flowers looked like. Well, why not give them something they can take home so they can remember your special day forever! These brides of ours got creative and thanked their guests with some pretty memorable (and delicious) goodies!  

1. Custom Cookies 

Cookies are a yummy way to let your guests know you appreciated them for celebrating with you. Your initials or monogram are an easy way to personalize the treat. You could also attach a little "Thank You" note to them and have your friends grab them on their way out! This can even be a fun DIY project for all you crafty brides out there! 

2. Koozies 

Whether you're serving water or beer, koozies are the perfect wedding favor. Personalize them to your liking, including your names, date, or even add a cute quote like "Love Lasts Forever". How ever you choose to design them, your guests will love a nice cold drink, even during the reception! 

3. Build Your Own S'mores

This idea was the sweetest one we've seen yet (pun intended)! This groom popped the question while they were camping and what goes hand-in-hand with camping? S'MORES!! This fun and savory to-go bag will have your guests mouths watering their whole ride home.

4. Coasters

This is another great DIY favor, that is super easy and won't break the bank! Choose your favorite pictures with your friends and family members or stick to pictures of just you and your partner and create the gift that all your guests can use for years to come.  

5. Party Horns

Cheers to a new couple and a new year! This New Years Eve couple gave party horns to their guests so they could start the year off right...this favor also helped make the count down to midnight even more exciting! 

6. Popcorn

Caramel corn, kettle corn, buttery- the flavors are endless! Need I go on? This favor will be one all your guests and their stomachs will surely remember! 

7. Mini Mason Jars

One of the top trends this year has been mason jar favors, but what you put in them is what counts! We've seen jelly beans, Hershey kisses, flower seeds, sand, and much more. The best part of these favors is that your guests get a two-in-one gift: the jar and whatever is inside!  

- Nicole

Anne Churchill