2015 Trends | This Year's Best Wedding Trends

Overlooking my last wedding of the year from the balcony of Kimball Ballroom, it struck me how much 2015 has rocked!  It wasn’t really a shocked or surprised feeling, but one of those moments of yippee, wow, and we did it!!!

We did a lot of new things this year – took chances and pushed ourselves to create amazing events and weddings. Thinking through all those memories of 2015 I’ve pin pointed 5 “trends” I think are super awesome.  They sum up the year and for us are not going anywhere, anytime soon, hopefully we’ll have clients embracing these for years to come!

Flipping Spaces

We’re starting with the hardest one first, physically the hardest that is!  Whether it was determined by the budget, personal preference, or good ole’ Missouri weather our team was hard at work making one space work for two purposes.  Imagine you enter a beautiful ceremony set for 200, after the Mr. & Mrs. say I do, you head to enjoy a nice cocktail hour (only 1 hour or less!), and then come back to enter the same space dressed to the nines for a reception filled with dancing, dinner, and entertainment!

This one is best described by pictures and video, take a look…

Muted Palettes

In good Midwest tradition, we see trends hit our scene a year or so after the coasts.  Some may find this as a negative, I think it gives us the tried, tested, and true version of trends.  We let those coastal dwellers get all the kinks out!  There are two major pieces to “muted palettes”.  First, that it’s a palette, gone are the days of a blue and yellow wedding.  Where you pick two colors and get matchy-matchy.  This year, brides picked a variety of colors, say 5 or 7, creating a palette we worked with for everything.  Second, is the pop! Selecting one color that adds fun and wow to the palette as a whole.  Like bright yellow or purple in a sea of golds, silvers, and ivories.  Take a look at our fav palettes…

Personal Touches

We’re BIG, HUGE believers in making weddings and events personal so you never forget why you are there and who you are there for.  This year we saw this shine through with favors and entertainment

With handcrafted and hand-painted bells for each guest, brought by mother-of-the-groom from his hometown in Mexico.

Scratch tradition and replace them with board games, this was one of the liveliest receptions of the year!

Catering Early

It’s easy to fall into routine and use the same timeline of events.  While that is all well and good, and 85% of the time works, we mixed it up this year when it came to dinner time.  At first this came out of necessity due to timing, then it turned into a tested and trusted option.   Traditionally dinner follows the bride and groom being announced into the reception, many times we slip in toasts or cake cutting beforehand too.  Sometimes this can land you at 8:00 or later before guests get full.

This year we switched it up – about halfway through cocktail hour dinner became available.  Be it food stations, plated, or buffet the guests ate before the bride and groom.  Say it isn’t so! Then I’d be lying and I’d also be lying if I said it didn’t work flawlessly.  Because boy it did, guests were surprised and excited!  Plus, the energy of the reception stayed high and well balanced with the drinks being consumed.  So as you are planning, play with that timeline a bit and don’t be afraid of mixing it up!


Nothing says "finally" like fireworks and as it ends our 2015 Wedding Trend List it also ended many, many of our receptions this year! What a great gift for your guests and a beautiful photo op!  Don’t make this an afterthought in 2016, put it in the budget.  Also make sure you hire someone license, insured, and experienced.

Anne Churchill