10 Tips for Attending a Wedding Show

Brides, get a little insight & advice before you venture off for the day!

1. Set aside the entire day to attend the show.  That way you’re not rushed and pushed to fight the crowds.  Also staying till the end increases your chance of winning door prizes. Many times you need to be present to win and vendors always wait till the end.

2. Pick specific categories of vendors you want to meet with.  Don’t be overwhelmed by trying to tackle everything on your wedding to-do list.  Towns typically have 1-3 shows a season that you can attend and with an average 9-12 months to plan your wedding you will have two seasons of shows within your engagement.

3. Take time to actually talk to the vendors you picked out to book.  Talk pricing, availability, and special things about their services and business.  This will save you consultation time later, if you don’t like them at the show, chances are it’s not a good fit.  Why waste their time and yours by just saying hi and booking a consult.  Get the hellos, nice to meet you, and first impressions out of the way at the show.

4. Have your budget in mind before you go.  This will stop you from get carried away with vendors that are out of your budget and add-on things you see but don’t really need.  You will be to keep your eye out for specific deals in areas you are personally looking to save on.

5. Bring labels with the your contact information.  Yes, be that girl!  You will thank me later, there’s no need to skip the chance at winning something just because you’re tired of writing you info. Be sure to include your name, wedding date, email and phone.  Skip the mailing address, vendors don’t need it.

6. Bring a bag, but not your entire purse.  Just like any trade show or market type event, there are crowds and loads of things you end of carrying.  Inevitably the vendor with the free bag will be in the far back corner of the show, so bring something allow for all those samples, business cards, and postcards.  Stay away from you entire purse so you have easy access to what you need and you give your shoulder a break.

7. Bring only a friend or two.  This is not the time for a entourage.  Again, it’s crowded and everyone is doing the exact same thing.  You don’t want to go at it alone, but don’t bring the friend that wonders – bring the one that is eager to grab vendor info and stay by your side.

8. Come with an appetite but not starving.  Depending on the show you’ll be able to sample food from multiple vendors. Keep in mind it’s just a sample and you are going but don’t expect a full meal.

9. Bring cash for the snack bar or vending machines for water. Something to drink will probably be the only thing you would need. Many shows have a convenient are to snag a bottle.

10. Enjoy it, at the same time don’t set your expectation too high.  Every show is different – different layout, different list of vendors and different crowds.  Depending on the day it will be wonderful or just alright

Anne Churchill