Killion & Wirtz Wedding | Columbia, Missouri

On May 19th, Elizabeth and Nick said "I Do." The couple followed the wedding ceremony with a night they will never forget at Blue Bell Farms. Surrounded by family and friends they danced and sang the night away. Take a look at everything the vendors put together for this magical night to take place. 


The photos of the couple truly showcase the love they have formed and vowed to forever. It was all in the details the whole day down to the gorgeous dress. 

Photographer: SilverBox Photography


The outdoor tables led for a night light atmosphere with the overhead string lights. The long tables in the barn led for a large community of conversation. The teal accents beautifully accented the wood, lights and greenery. 

Decorations: Pretty Little Things

Lighting: SW Productions

Stationary: Inkling

Reception: Blue Bell Farms


The flowers were arranged beautifully. A stunning bouquet for the bride and intricate little vases with a variety of sizes for the arrangements on tables. These different looks all pulled together for a gorgeous floral spread. 

Florist: Sugarberry Blooms


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wirtz!


Gift Guide: For Your Spouse

The big day has finally arrived. You are about to meet your soul mate at the end of the aisle.

Here are some gifts to give to one another before you meet to show how much you care about one another!

For The Groom

Cold Feet

This idea is so cute! It is a nice last minute little gift for him before he walks down the aisle. It will make him think of you and even more excited to get married. 


Personalized Accessories

Of course the personalized accessories make everything more personable and sentimental. There are so many ways to go about this. Whether it be a leather bag or wallet, or even cufflinks for the big day!


The Gift Box

So many different approaches to the gift box. There can be cigars, hand written notes, engraved items. This box will show your hubby what he means to you and everything in between. 


For The Bride

Personalized Jewelry

There is always a good reason to get a woman jewelry. For it to be from her love is even better!


Love Letter

A love letter is a pure sign of romance. It is pure and honest and really shows your signifcant other how much you feel about them. 


The Gift Bag

These are all of the aesthetic. Every cute thing that you have had pinned to your Pinterest wedding board for years can be included in this gift. 


Knotty Ties Customized for the Guys

It is close to your wedding day.

Of course you want your future husband to be a part of the planning process. It is his day too, and he should enjoy what he is wearing. 

That is where Knotty Ties comes in to play.


Why We LOVE It!

Knotty Ties can design almost anything you could want or think of on a tie. Here is the amazing one they sent us! We sent them a Pinterest board and they made multiple different proofs for us. 

We absolutely love this. They were so easy to work with. Any question or little change that we had wanted they were quick to respond and assist us! 


The quality is absolutely AMAZING!

The tie and pocket square are both sturdy and ever so soft. It is the perfect size for our favorite knot, The Windsor Knot!

They can customize ties, bow ties, pocket squares and more. 

Check them out and purchase yours today!

Gift Guide: The Wedding Party

These are the people that have been there for you both as a couple from the start. 

They have been rooting for you before you two even met each other. They helped with all of the problems in your life and leading up to the wedding. 

Here are the perfect gifts to say thank you to your wedding party.

The Bridesmaids

Monogrammed Clothing

Everyone loves monograms, especially wedding parties. All of these different ideas add the perfect personalized touch for each one of your girls. 

All Photos-0001.jpg

The Gift Bag

This is also a very popular gift. Because it can be filled with all of the perfect goodies, be personalized and also aesthetically appealing. 


The Box

The box is a lot like the gift bag! This can be given to before or after the wedding. A lot of times, the box is made to ask the women to be your bridesmaids. This has become a bigger trend in the past years that we love!


Personalized Jewlrey

This gift is nice and small. But, with the personalized jewlrey your girls will be able to take you with them wherever they go. 


The Groomsmen

The Leather Bag

Every man has use for some nice leather. These bags are perfect for their traveling shaving kit or to store under their bathroom sink. 


All Things Beer

What do men love the most? Beer of course. Any gift including beer or a cooler that can miraculously keep it cold for long amounts of time are always appreciated!


The Box

This can include so many different pieces! Alcohol, shooters, cigars, wallets, ties, socks, and everything personalized in between!


Photo Poses: Couple

 The two most important people of the day. It is your day and you are completely the center of attention. 

These photos are what you will look back on the rest of your lives. These are what you will show your children. One day, your grandchildren may even have one of these photos framed on their dresser. 

These photos capture your big day forever.

The Whole Bridal Party

The Dales-390.jpg

These include the whole bridal party. Every special person throughout the couple's lives are in these photos. It is a beautiful shot to have everyone lined up and really show off the whole look. 

All Photos-0037.jpg

Up Close and Personal


This pose is very special. It shows the tenderness. The smiles. The laughs. The look in each other's eyes. This pose really shows the love between the couple. It can be anything ranging from silly funny faces to super intimate holding one another. These are the photos that you will have blown up and hung above your bed in your first house together. 

All Photos-0064.jpg
All Photos-0065.jpg
The Dales-545.jpg

The Veil

All Photos-0063.jpg

The veil is such a beautiful part of the bride's look. This pose is very intimate with the way the veil can be draped throughout the photo. The longer the veil, the more it can fly in the wind. 

At the Altar


We love photos at the altar because this is the couple as the center of attention in true form. Normally there are different angles where you are able to frame the couple. Plus, you can always catch that first married kiss. 

Far Away

Scott Patrick Myers Photography 20160430 Russell Wedding Blue Bell Farm-15.jpg
GettingReady_BlueBellFarm_MalloryVann_CatherineRhodesPhotography-152-Edit (1).jpg

The far away shot has a beautiful way of capturing the romantic moment. It is able to show the scenery. It gives you a sense of all the surroundings but it also shows the sweet moment between the couple. 

The Exit

down the aisle.jpg
BlueBellFarm_WeddingPhotography_ColumbiaMissouri_Highlight_CatherineRhodesPhotography-32 (1).jpg
Scott Patrick Myers Photography 20160430 Russell Wedding Blue Bell Farm-19.jpg

Talk about perfect photo moment! The exit from the church, venue or reception are always perfect photos. These photos incorporate both the guests and the newlywed couple. These shots are so aesthetically pleasing the way the the guests surround the couple. These are best during sparkler or ribbon send-offs. 

The Silhouette

The Dales-534.jpg

Finally, one of the most romantic shots, the silhoutte shot. These are so beautiful and one of a kind. You can't see the details but youcan still make out the feautures of the couple. We absolutley love these shots. 

Photo Poses: Bridesmaids

The girls are your sisters

Your best friends

Your girls for life

And if you're anything like us. You've been thinking about what girls would stand by your side since age 7.

These photos are a showcase of your whole theme. The dresses, the colors, the style. Everything you have planned is beautifully displayed in these photos. Why not have the best poses too?

The Side by Side

All Photos-0021.jpg

Just like for the groomsmen, this is one of the most classic and elegant set ups. Every single beautiful lady is shown off. It shows all the different cuts of dresses and each individual hair style. Most importantly, it shows every single shining smile. 

The Getting Ready Shots

All Photos-0012.jpg
ABE (8).jpg

I think these are the most fun. They showcase the personality. Everyone just finished with makeup and hair. The excitement is shown so vividly on everyone's face. 

Also, who doesn't love matching pajamas and robes?

Candid and Laughing

BlueBellFarm_WeddingPhotography_ColumbiaMissouri_Highlight_CatherineRhodesPhotography-43 (1).jpg
All Photos-0061.jpg

Looking natural does not come easy. But, when successfully done is so cute to look back on. These are the photos where everyone laughs at eachother. Everyone looks at the bride, or has coversation with one another. It shows the true personalities and laughs of all of the beautiful women. 

Photo Poses: Groomsmen

Some of these guys have been by your side since birth...

Since childhood...

Since High School...

Since College...

They have seen and probably have been partners in some of your worst and best moments. They are the special men who get to stand by your side on your special day. 

The Straight Line


The pose is simple and a classic. It is the side by side photo. It shows off everyone in their suits and is a very clean, organized photo.

Getting Ready


These photos always come out so clean. It is the before pictures. It is the last minutes of single life. They normally include a brother, father or friend helping the group with his tie. It shows the behind-the-scenes looks. 

Mix It Up


And of course, the fun photos. These are the photos that including the cheers! They can be funny poses with the bride. I have even seen some of the men holding the groom and the bride trying to pull him out of their arms. But most importnatly, the men always want a picture of their socks. 

Artful Collaboration Styled Event | Columbia, Missouri

A group of talented Mid Missouri vendors came together to collaborate for a beautiful Artful Collaboration Styled Event. These are some of our favorite event folks to work with and it was such a treat to see our raw ideas come to life, showcasing each of our talents and services.

Take a look for inspiration. These photos from the event showcase the true beauty of both the art and details. 

Photographer: J. Kelley Photo

Venue: Sager Braudis Gallery

Coordinator: AnnaBelle Events


The beautiful calligraphy is what pulled the whole event together. The stylish cursive and blue mixed with the sleek gold chargers made for the perfect palette. 

Rentals: A1 Party and Event Rental

Calligraphy: The INK Cafe LLC


The beautiful flower arrangements were like no other. They were intricately placed with geometric shapes and holders to fit in perfectly with the beautiful art pieces on the walls. 

Floral Design: Tiger Garden


An event is absolutely nothing without food and drinks! The towered desserts and variety of food went well with the signature cocktails and beer on tap. 

Catering & Specialty Drinks: Broadway Columbia

Beer: Craft Beer Cellar

Cookies: Kiss Me Cookies


Photo Poses: Family

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.

You are surrounded by the most important people in your life. 

You will want to make sure these photos are captured so you can look back on them for the rest of your life. 

Family Portrait

All Photos-0036.jpg

Simple, Suave and Sweet. The family portrait is what will be on your mantel for years to come. It will hang above Grandma's fireplace. It is the #1 showcase of the new addition to your family. 

The Father, Daughter


Dad, your first true love and the man who has been there your whole life. The best shots are to get of him walking you down the aisle and twirling you around on the dance floor. These are very important and have great value for every father on his daughter's big day. 

The Mother, Son


Mom has spent her whole life raising her son to be a gentleman. Today is the day that she sees all of her work has paid off. The mother son dance is such an important moment to cpature. It shows the true embrace of a mother and her son. 

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers


The flower girls and ring bearers are always the cutest children. Of course you have to make sure that their adorable little selves are captured. They normally have the best signs and flower crowns. They are the life of the party!

Traditions: Something Blue

Something Blue...

It is now our last week of our traditions theme. There are so many different ways to incorporate something blue into your big day. These idease will have you feeling every way but blue!



This trend is so cute. The shoes can just be a simple solid blue for the classy look. Or, a new trend is to put blue on the soles of the shoe. Whether it just be blue sparkles, or have friends and loved ones write notes in blue ink on your big day!

Sewn Inside Dress


This is one of my favorite trends. Use blue thread and get something stitched inside the dress! It can be a little heart near your heart. Or, it can be your last name, the wedding date or even your monogram. The possibilities are endless! You can even stitch a cute note into the ties. 



Accessories are so easy to make blue! A simple baby blue on your nails or a deep blue in your ears. Add a touch of blue with a big bow on top of the dress or a fun garter below. There are also hand holders that can be blue on the bouquet!There are so many different options to have that small touch of blue on your big day!


Traditions: Something Borrowed

The tradition goes: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. 

On your wedding day you are surrounded by the most important people in your life, so why not borrow some special items from them as well? 


GettingReady_BlueBellFarm_MalloryVann_CatherineRhodesPhotography-76-Edit (1).jpg

The shoes are an essential staple to the outfit. However, often times they are hidden besides the planned photos. These are a perfect item to borrow. You know your best friend's pair of heels that you have always had your eyes on? Yeah, now is the time to ask. 

Loved One's Jewelry 

ABE (4).jpg

There are so many earrings, let alone jewelry, laying around every woman's house. The small details are perfect to borrow because you can return them after wedding. Then you always have that person near and dear close to you on your special day. 

Hair Accessory 


Veils are not for everyone. Sometimes a simple hair accessory is perfect. Your married friends are the best people to ask for this item. Everyone has their own style and maybe their hair piece will fit your theme perfectly. Or you could even borrow flowers from your mother's garden and make an accessory out of it. But, just let them know they might not be getting those flowers back!


Traditions: Something New

Wedding Ring


The rings are to symbolize the never-ending love in a marriage. If the finacees are both buying new rings for their spouse it counts as something new! It is the start of a new life with each other! 


Dress & Veil


The dress and veil are the most important thing to the bride next to her spouse of course. These definitely count as something new. Especially seeing how much time is spent looking for them!



The bouquet is so underrated. It is photographed in almost every picture. It gives the bride an accent pop of color. The flowers will always be new and fresh to look beautiful.



Tips from the pros on throwing a spectacular outdoor party.

Originally published in COMO Living magazine, Link Here.

Pickup the June/July issue to see the full printed editorial. 


Putting it All Together
Anne Churchill says you don’t need an event planner for just weddings. AnnaBelle Events has planned birthday parties, grand openings, styled shoots, sorority and fraternity events, and sporting events.

Event planners always have good recommendations for whatever you’re looking to have at your event, whether it be flowers, catering, or entertainment.

As our days get longer and our nights get warmer, you can use these tips to ring in summer and join together with friends and family. Consider adding something new to your usual get-togethers: maybe a tent to keep you cool, eye-catching centerpieces, the Sunset Camper Photobus, gorgeous photography, or a video to pull it all together.

Traditions: Something Old

It is June.

This month's theme is all about traditions.

Whether it be something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue.... 

We have found something just for you.


This first week we have compiled different ideas for something old. Tradition has it that this is meant to tie the bride to her family's past.

Family Heirloom


This can include any and all of family jewelry and broaches. A popular trend is for the engagement rings to be made up of a family member's diamonds. 

Another trend is to use old broaches to pin the bouquet.

Mother/Grandmother's Wedding Dress


There is nothing more sentimental than wearing your loved ones dress from their special day. However, sometimes though styles just aren't in anymore. Another way to do this is to take part of the dress, whether it be the beads, lace, veil, train and incorporate it into your own. (Only if grandma is okay with you cutting up her dress!)


Photos of Lost Loved Ones


This trend is unique and clever. It is to tie small lockets or picture frames around the stems of the wedding bouquet. In these frames you are to put pictures of your lost loved ones to commemorate them on your special day. 


Guide to Serving Your Guests What's in Season

Going on tastings before your wedding can be a lot of fun

...until you look at the bill of what you want to serve.

Luckily, serving food that is "in season" can help cut cost, add color, and elevate the freshness of your dishes.

Shopping seasonal is the way to go!

Here's How to Incorporate Spring Produce into your Wedding Meal



Beet and arugula salad will target two veggies on our list, not to mention the gorgeous color that beets will add to your table tops.


Spinach and strawberry salads are a spring staple for anyone who needs a sugar fix in the first course.


Never go wrong with serving potato salad! Elevate this Fourth of July staple by tossing warm potatoes into a fresh green salad packed with herbs for texture and flavor.


Asparagus can make for elevated finger food.

 Serve wrapped in bacon or prosciutto for a more savory dish.

Serve wrapped in bacon or prosciutto for a more savory dish.

 Or have them wrapped in puff pastry for our carb kings and queens out there.

Or have them wrapped in puff pastry for our carb kings and queens out there.

Artichoke hearts are easy for guests to pop in their mouths during a cocktail hour.

 Breaded or stuffed artichokes are a great way to add some crunch to your cocktail hour.

Breaded or stuffed artichokes are a great way to add some crunch to your cocktail hour.

 Going gluten free? Serve marinated artichoke hearts, always a favorite.

Going gluten free? Serve marinated artichoke hearts, always a favorite.

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a grilled veggie platter full of variety for all of your picky wedding guests.

veggie platter.jpg


Pies are a taste replacement if you are not into wedding cakes.

 Cherries are in abundance come spring, so go classic with cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.

Cherries are in abundance come spring, so go classic with cherry pie and vanilla ice cream.

 Rhubarb is only in season for a little bit each year, so if your wedding falls in this window take advantage and serve strawberry rhubarb pie, your guests will thank you!

Rhubarb is only in season for a little bit each year, so if your wedding falls in this window take advantage and serve strawberry rhubarb pie, your guests will thank you!

Go classic with a fresh fruit tray that incorporates local produce so not only will your guests be happy, but so will your local farmers market.


Lemons are in season come spring, depending on how hot it will be at your wedding cool your guests down with some delicious lemon sorbet.




If you are having signature cocktails on your big day, consider putting citrus fruits on display. Not only will they add color, but they are extremely tasty and refreshing without adding too much sugar.


Never underestimate the power of fresh herbs. Adding a sprig of rosemary can really elevate a cocktail. Still skeptical? No judgement, research which proteins go well with herbs that are in season and settle the fish versus chicken versus beef debate.

Spring Wedding Fever

It is finally everyone's favorite time of the year. 

Flowers are blooming,

School is ending,

Most importantly it is Spring Wedding Season!!!

We have put together Our Favorite Spring Wedding Trends to give you serious spring wedding envy.

Check out what's in store for this seasons hottest floral, venue, color, and dress trends!

Flower Wedding Trends

This year you can expect to see more moody and dramatic bouquets, new arrangements including wreaths and hanging centerpieces, and the incorporation of other living elements such as succulents and vines.


Still need more inspiration? Read up on the color psychology behind flowers in this article by FTD. 

Venue Wedding Trends

Last year we were seeing a lot of rustic barn and outdoor wedding receptions. While that is still in high demand, a lot of couples are over dealing with April showers and have come up with a happy medium. This year couples are on the hunt for venues that allow you to bring the outdoors inside. You still get that outdoorsy feeling you love but without having to face the elements. 

On the other hand, more industrial and minimalist venues have popped up on our radar as well, breweries and wineries are a great choice for couples feeling this look.

Color Scheme Wedding Trends

Picking your wedding colors is a big step in the design process of your big day. Check out our top three favorite mood boards for this spring's wedding trends.

 Moody, ultra violet color schemes are going to be huge this season.

Moody, ultra violet color schemes are going to be huge this season.

  Add a lot of depth to your wedding color scheme with these rich hues.

Add a lot of depth to your wedding color scheme with these rich hues.

  Greenery has taken place of a lot of floral trends recently, also check out the caligraphy etching on glass, that will also catch your eye this spring.

Greenery has taken place of a lot of floral trends recently, also check out the caligraphy etching on glass, that will also catch your eye this spring.

Dresse Wedding Trends

Lastly, what our brides have been waiting for: this spring's bridal dress trends.

 It's the year of the bridal cape, so don't be hesitant to pick that strapless dress you fell in love with, there are plenty of other ways to stay warm this spring.

It's the year of the bridal cape, so don't be hesitant to pick that strapless dress you fell in love with, there are plenty of other ways to stay warm this spring.

If you opt to have sleeves on your wedding day, try on a few with bell sleeves. This would especially be a trend to follow for our boho brides.

As we all know, spring can have extremely unpredictable weather, so if you are worried about your train getting dragged through puddles or mud, maybe consider going shorter for your wedding day!

Go To Honeymoon Registry Guide

As we promised last week, we're here to discuss our favorite honeymoon websites and all they have to offer!

It can get tedious trying to sort through the different sites out there, so we picked out Our 4 Favorite Honeymoon Registries that should be on every couple's radar.


1. Traveler's Joy

Use this site if: you really only want to register for honeymoon related experiences.

Traveler's joy is a great resource for couples who are serious about cashing in their wedding gifts as experiences rather than items. You can customize the captions on your registry making the interaction more personal, giving guests a chance to understand why the two of you want to dive face first over the edge of a cliff in South Africa. 


2. Wanderable

Use this site if: you are a graphic design artist in training.

Wanderable is another website that focuses completely on the honeymoon itself. Overall, it is very similar to Traveler's Joy, besides the actual construction of the site. Wanderable is known for its beautiful online templates and ability to incorporate pictures of the two of you while you tell your story.


3. Honeyfund

Use this site if: you are looking to register for more than just your honeymoon.

On Honeyfund, couples can create wish lists, register for gift cards, wedding expenses, donations, down payments, and more. This would be perfect for couples who are spending less on their honeymoon and want to register just for plane tickets or hotel reservations among other things.


4. Zola

Use this site if: you are looking for a one-stop-shop.

Last but not least, Zola offers anything and everything you could imagine registering for. Get access to free shipping and gifts from any website, while also registering for unforgettable honeymoon experiences. You can also create a web page with details about your big day for guests who lost the address of the venue, didn't write down the date, or really any other question you foresee coming your way. They are a long time fan favorite for many reasons but maybe the most important: they have the lowest cash fee and are extremely user friendly.

Well after all that, we hope y'all have a better idea of which site is perfect for your registry. 

Don't just take our word for it, hop onto these links and check out sample registries and success stories from couples just like you!

If you missed out previous Honeymoon registry post click here for more ideas!

Rock Your Registry

Creating your registry is supposed to be fun, right?

I mean who doesn't love getting gifts?

Unfortunately, many couples find creating their registry to be more tedious than exciting. Some couples are dying to get that new pasta attachment for their KitchenAid while others are stressed out about where they are going to fit everything.

Whether you two are moving in for the first time after saying "I do" or have been living together for years, try these unconventional ideas to spice up your registry!

AND...if you go the traditional route then make it a date night y'all! Grab a cocktail before and after, grab that scanner gun at Target, Crate & Barrel, or any other great store of choice.  Make it fun, because it can be and when else can you pick anything you could dream of in the store!


Here's to all the couples out there who plan on traveling but have no flights booked yet. They prefer spending their money on more important things while traveling like trying out all the hottest local restaurants. But, maybe staying in someone else's bed isn't your thing, if not, you can register for gift cards to a number of airlines and hotels. Hyatt and Southwest have some great options.

2. Donations


Some people don't like getting gifts, or may not need anything. These couples may consider setting up a donation link on to their favorite charities so guests still feel like they are giving back. You can also set up a GoFundMe if you want to keep track of donations and submit them yourselves. Still want a little something for yourself? We don't blame you, Simple Registry allows you to put literally anything on your registry, so feel free to ask for a few necessary items while still including your favorite cause.

3. Honeymoon sponsorships


There are countless sites that allow guests to actually pay for excursions during your honeymoon to bring down your overall cost! Some popular sites are Honeyfund, Traveler's Joy, or Wanderable.

4. Subscription boxes

blue apron.jpg

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, but they can add up! If you and your newly wed love cooking, consider registering for a subscription box like Blue Apron so you can get messy in the kitchen together!

Some other fun subscription boxes perfect for couples are: 

5. Classes or memberships

cooking class.jpg

If there's something you two have always wanted to learn more about such as ceramics, dance, or a foreign language, have friends and family members buy you classes. Memberships to your favorite spots in town are useful too, think of all the free date nights that can come from these! Peek is a great tool to find activities in your city you would have otherwise never thought of. Also when in doubt, never underestimate the power of Groupon!

6. Home remodels


For the couples who already have built a home together but are desperately in need of a change, register on Blueprint to have family members gift you your new kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, Feather the Nest can be used for couples who are looking to buy their first home together.

7. College fund


Lastly, with college becoming more and more expensive, it is never too early to start saving for your future children. Not planning on having kids? This idea could work for you or your spouse too if either of you are planning on going to school in the future. Gift of College is a great website that allows friends and family to buy gift cards that will go towards saving for an education. The College Saving Plans Network also has tons of great resources on how to save for college.

Check in next week to read all about which sites will help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon, and even better how to get it for free!

Fast Food Infused to Weddings, Yep it's a Thing!

Finding a venue that really speaks to you and your fiancé may seem like an impossible task; the options are never ending. You could hold your reception at a banquet hall, on the beach, in a hotel, at your country club, in a barn, ect.

The most touching weddings take place somewhere that holds a special meaning for the couple. Whether it's on campus of your alma mater, or at your favorite fast food chain where the two of you have shared countless romantic late night bites, the perfect venue does exist. Yes you read that right, getting married at your favorite fast food chains may be the answer to your venue scouting prayers.

Read up on where fast food fans have tied the knot and look to see if your favorite is on the list!



Talk about a destination wedding to remember, McDonald's locations all across Hong Kong offer four different wedding packages at their restaurants. 

Each one includes:

  • Decor
  • Games
  • Gifts
  • A catered reception of your favorite McDonald's treats.

No word on if McDonald's in the U.S. is planning on jumping on the wedding train, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

mcdonalds wedding.jpg

Taco Bell

Taco Bell made headlines last year when they announced they were launching new Cantinas without a drive thru so they could sell alcohol in their stores. Among that exciting news, here's more: you can now get married at the Taco Bell in Las Vegas!

The $600 wedding package includes:

  • A ceremony with an officiant
  • A private reception for you and 15 guests
  • Custom merchandise
  • A gorgeous sauce packet bouquet
  • The finest dishes off their menu for you and your loved one to share 

White Castle: The Royal Wedding

Speaking of Vegas, there is some competition in the world of fast food weddings on the strip. Recently, White Castle held a contest for engaged couples to share their love story and how this bite-sized burger chain played an important role in it.

The first place couple was whisked away to Vegas to enjoy:

  • A rehearsal dinner
  • Full ceremony and reception
  • Cake
  • Flowers and decor
  • A fully catered reception by White Castle.
  • AND a five night honeymoon vacation to Belgium.

Look at the happy couple!

white castle wedding.jpg
white castle.PNG

Second place was impressive as well, White Castle catered two couple's reception with White Castle staples for up to 200 guests


No, most Domino's stores do not have enough room for a full ceremony and reception, but they are still determined to be part of the wedding game. Domino's has released a wedding registry for the ultimate pizza lovers.

Among the registry gifts are meals titled:

  • "Wedding Night"
  • "Post-Honeymoon adjustment to real life" 
  • "Cater the Bachelorette Party"

When it doubt, give the cheesiest gift of all: pizza.


It's no secret that our society is coffee crazed, but some of us spend the better part of our lives with a Starbucks permanently in hand. If this is you, maybe consider saying I do over Saturday morning coff

starbucks wedding.jpg

Check out #starbuckswedding on Instagram for some serious inspiration and ask your favorite barista if your Starbucks will help you say "I love you a latte" to your fiance.